About Me

Under construction, seriously.  Aren't we all.

Let's see, at this point in my life the page should be called about us.  It certainly isn't about me, it is about my kids, my wife, my job, my blog, and my role in advocating for others who live with diabetes every day. The about me "thing" is more of an after-thought.

But if you would like to know:

I have been living well with Type 1 diabetes for 28 years. I've been on every therapy known to human kind related to type 1 diabetes management. I chose a career in Nursing because it fits my profile, it's focus is about being an advocate for those in your care. I have chosen a job teaching others how to take care of their chronic conditions, and 70 % of what I do is diabetes education, advocacy, and support.

I have five amazing kids. Ranging in age from 3-13. All female, one dog, one cat, and a rabbit named chuck.

I have been involved in Muay Thai or Thai Boxing for 20 years, and still train a group twice a week. That is great fun, and an excellent stress reliever.

I enjoy all kinds of music, usually dictated by the kids I taxi around.

I wouldn't be alive with out my buddy, not chuck the bunny, I am talking about my Wife who knows me better then I know myself. No she is not standing over me while I write this, a good supportive wife or life partner is pretty important for health, they do, say married men live longer.

I am pretty intense and passionate at times, but people tell me I am laid back, easy to talk to. I view myself as a stressed out, irritable dad, but my kids, when asked, don't see me that way.


I try to practice the "death bed mentality" meaning; I visualize what others would say about me at my funeral and try to live my life so when death comes calling, they will say positive things about my relationship with them.

I think we should practice what we preach, for example: I had a very over weight dietician telling me to reduce my caloric intake to reduce my body fat, need I say more.

My philosophy regarding management: Emotional health first, Knowledge second, Support third, then control it before it controls you. Fit your life into diabetes not the other way around.

Well thats all I can think about saying for now.