Monday, June 13, 2011

Play Time Anyone?

"Play Time"
It seems that people are still checking in on Three 2 Treat even though I haven't been devoting any time to writing. I am really honoured that folks all over the world, like Russia, Greece, and wow the UK, huge shout out!!!  

I have been attempting to simplify my life a little bit, well, mentally, stripping away the numerous distractions, activities, hobbies, etc, in order to reflect on things.

Diabetes was one of those things I needed to, well, cut back on, if you follow me. It consumes my home life, work life, my online life, my kids, etc.  Its a huge consumer of my mental energy that inevitably distracts me from enjoying the finer things in life like play time.

I have been spending time focusing on Playing, Yup, Playing.   Getting excited to come home from work and go to the play ground to play on the climber, swing on the monkey bars, chase the soccer ball, kids and dogs around the field. Walk in the grass barefoot, lie on the grass and examine the clouds. Just be in the moment, enjoying the smells, feeling the breeze and the sun radiating down it's life giving energy.  Playing is Great!

It seems that as we grow older some of us forget to play. I know I did. Sure....we take vacations, go to dinner, drink too much on occasion, but I'm referring to non-goal oriented, unstructured unrestricted totally let loose play!  Man it really is invigorating and fun!

I was getting so caught up in work, diabetes, writing, commitments, life, tasks, lists, that I forgot to PLAY.

So I am asking you all to give it a try, no goals, no objectives, in the moment, Play, just like kids.


Excessive playtime may result in serious happiness, improved relations with loved ones and pets, better blood glucose control, weight loss, better cardio, toned muscles, happy children, cool parent syndrome, serious stress reduction.  It is recommended to gradually increase play time to avoid the above sudden side effects.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time to Unplug Y'all

Well, I simply need to Unplug.

After My experience with the CWD forum, and the rude comments from ignorant people as occasional as they are; I need to unplug. 

It's hard enough dealing with life and taking the time to share experiences and thoughts, let alone dealing with what seems to be an insidious negativity I have noticed seeping into the DOC. As much as I love the encouraging comments, the negativity is too much too handle for moi at this time.

It is too difficult to read comments from people who don't think before they type. They are likely bitter themselves, and projecting there own frustrations onto others. I intellectually know this, but emotionally, my skin ain't tough enough to handle it.

Case in point: Mom Of Bean Blog, this poor Mom, and the atrocious comment totally judging her was absolutely un-called for.  Good rebuttle blog post on her part but enough is enough for this guy.

I still look forward to reading your blogs that I follow.

And Maybe at a later time I will start to post, but for now I need to unplug.

Peace out all. Damn, the lump has returned.


Steak in My Pee?!

A little diabetic flashback

A while ago, like over 15 years ago, I had some lab work done, and was called into my then Family Doctor to discuss the results.

I go in and sit down, or something like that, and we go through the results.

A1C - Check
Fasting Blood Glucose - Check
Lipids - Check

and then.............

Oh, you have some protein in your urine.

My heart dropped, to me this meant the end all be all, downward spiral into one of the killers that diabetics get, Kidney Failure.

I replied "Really, what does this mean?"

He said, "It is called Microalbuminuria and it is a very early indication of Kidney Damage."

I said, "So my kidneys are damaged?"

He said, "Well, not exactly."

I thought, WTF I'm really freaking out here, and you can't give me a straight answer.  I was a hot head back then. But I did not vocalize my thoughts.

I said "What can we do?"

He said "We will put you on an ACE Inhibitor, which is a low dose Blood Pressure Medication that works on the kidneys and prevent the progression of Kidney Damage"

I took my first breath of relief.  Took the Rx and filled it immediately.

This was my first encounter with a potential deadly diabetic complication. And I was completely freaked out about it. I spent the next several weeks, researching Kidney Disease, Progression from MicroAlbuminuria to overt Proteinuria. I looked to basically see how long I had left to live. 

I guess the lesson I learned from this is that people get panicked about results, so when I break the news I do the best I can to provide as much information as possible and also offer a feedback loop, so the patient does feel on their own.

I never ever want anybody to feel like they have had a brush with death in the doctors office.