Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Teenage Guessing Games

Hello Blogosphere, I am still around.....and yes I still have five daughters, 2 of which have Type 1.

My Awesome Teen Type 1 - Whom I worry about

My teen Type 1 is currenlty flooded with pubescent homronal surges that threaten her daily diabetes life more frequently then I would like. However I strive to  be a mature (Ha, ya right) father and I must gently pursuade or encourage her to be responsible with her diabetes. In other words I try to lead by example, and yes.....I constantly remind her to test before; eating, moving, sleeping, skate-boarding, breathing, blinking, you get my point.

I worry....who doesn't, but here are my biggest worry's:

Me "What's your suger?"

Her: "It's fine, I can tell" - As she injects a huge amount to chase the carb she ate 30 minutes ago


Me "Did you test" - Before she is about to leave with her friends to go long boarding

Her "No, but it was good before"

Me "When? Before....!"

Her "This Morning" 8 hrs ago

Me "Test or you don't go" My thoughts - I wish she didn't have diabetes.....but I want her safe and alive.


Her "My stomach hurts"

Me "What's your sugar"

Her "Don't know"

Me "why?

Her "Haven't checked today"

The list goes on and on....

I try not to nag but man, I worry about her safety, the blind injections, the not testing, the guessing, the everything.....then I remember that when I was a 15 yr old Type one they didn't even have meters, and I took 2 shots per day, I survived, and I know she will too.


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