Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stinky Teddy Bears - Type One Bedwetting

One of the offspring
When I was a wee one I wee'd one too many times in the bed. I remember waking up wet and cold, getting up, trying to hide the blankets or simply grabbing a towel to cover the spot and go back to sleep. I felt terrible, ashamed, and I knew my mom got sick of the constant flow of laundry I was providing. It eventually stopped, I think around 10. I never gave it much thought until we created a wack of offspring. One of which wets the bed almost nightly.  Our teddy owner also has Type 1 diabetes, and I am certain there is a link. I wish I had of considered this back in the day instead I thought it was me. It would have nicer to blame it on D.

I checked the net quickly for info, and found this Link on bed wetting 

How many of you folks have issues in your house with stinky stuffies and diabetes?

We try to not push the fluids too much after 6 pm, unless she is high. We don't wake em up and carry her to the BR as this apparently trains the bladder, yes I know odd that our pee organ can be trained like a dog.  Yes I have resorted to using pullups, but am open to any good ideas, other then electric shock therapy.