Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time to Unplug Y'all

Well, I simply need to Unplug.

After My experience with the CWD forum, and the rude comments from ignorant people as occasional as they are; I need to unplug. 

It's hard enough dealing with life and taking the time to share experiences and thoughts, let alone dealing with what seems to be an insidious negativity I have noticed seeping into the DOC. As much as I love the encouraging comments, the negativity is too much too handle for moi at this time.

It is too difficult to read comments from people who don't think before they type. They are likely bitter themselves, and projecting there own frustrations onto others. I intellectually know this, but emotionally, my skin ain't tough enough to handle it.

Case in point: Mom Of Bean Blog, this poor Mom, and the atrocious comment totally judging her was absolutely un-called for.  Good rebuttle blog post on her part but enough is enough for this guy.

I still look forward to reading your blogs that I follow.

And Maybe at a later time I will start to post, but for now I need to unplug.

Peace out all. Damn, the lump has returned.



Amy said...

Awwwwwwwww, shucks. After the 'There's a steak in my pee' I thought you might follow up with 'There's a snake in my ........ wait for it . . . . boots!' Hehehehehe. I love a little Toy Story humor ;)

I'll miss ya, good buddy. I agree 1010000000% about the scary shift of comments. I'm kinda layin' a little low myself.

Just don't disappear completely, ya'hear? "To infinity and beyooooooooond!"

Reyna said...

Trev, I feel outta the loop. What is going on? AND, I am sooo sorry to read that you won't be posting for a bit. I'll read when you return. Enjoy the family.

Lora said...

WHAT??? Don't let some dumb ass run you off!!!

I have been dealing with the end of the year craziness for the last month so I have not been able to keep up.

I have heard several ppl talk about the... uhum, "lack of support" over at CWD. I have never really gone on there so I can't speak from exp.

I hope you come back soon and I am going to hop over and give mom of bean some luv!!!

Wendy said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!

I have no idea what's going on over there :( I used to frequent CWD, but felt like I would get eaten alive sometimes. I haven't been over that way for quite sometime, but I know many frequent posters don't seem to like bloggers much.

I'm so sorry to hear that something has hit the fan again.

I enjoy your blog, and hope you'll be back soon.

Foodness Gracious said...

I know exactly what you mean Trev, hang in there and have fun.

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Thanks for the support. I know that those I 'know' from the DOC are always there with that support, but when you get hit with the crap and you all rally, it's truly humbling!
I hope you don't stay gone too long...I'll totally miss reading you!!

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Sarah said...

I'm sorry you're feeling the need to do this, but glad you're letting us in on the "why". Keep up the hard work for yourself and your girls.