Friday, September 23, 2011

Hippies, Sweat & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Don't Forget this!
Okay, thought I'd drop a quick line on the ole Blog.....

Or my latest adventure in the fitness realm.

So, as I'm getting home from my hour long boxing class, my wife has this brilliant idea to invite me to her late evening Yoga class. To quote her directly, "Its not that hard, relaxing really."  So I say, alright, and off we go.

On the way she pulls out a giant water bottle and tells me I'd better drink up. I say, alright, as I knew we were on our way to a "Hot Yoga" class.  I down a few gulps to rehydrate my already dehydrated body, remember, I'd already done an hour of sweating.

We arrive, and the place is all ZEN and hippyish.....conversations like, ya, made this really awesome vegan dish last night, totally delicious.....Buddha in the corner and the overwhelming smell of SWEAT, not to mention the scantly dressed young people strolling around, looking like they'd been swimming, and in dire need of a serious baconator super sized get the picture. Anyhow.....

I walk into the studio area, dimmed lights, mats and half naked (kidding) people all around, and roll out my yoga matt my wife provided, and my, get this, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle towel atop my mat, and follow suite. Lying flat, the fans shut off, and this small Yoga lady who would likely kick my ass, enters and soothingly, in this meditative , I am going to put you into a deep trance, type voice says, "Welcome, find your breath, own your breath, let go of today's worries.....etc....." Then, the HEAT hit me, and the torture commenced, upward and downward dogs, kids poses, dancing and warriors poses.  By the 30 minute mark my thighs were knotting up and I was cursing my wife for bringing me here post intense, dehydrating workout.....I WAS DYING FAST.....and the skinny little man in the front was oh so effortlessly, twisting himself into these wacky postures. 

The class finally ended, my sodium was likely borderline critical, and I'm surprised I didn't seize, froth at the mouth or just drop dead, but yes people, I endured. And I didn't go into kidney failure.

On the way home, and a litre of fluid later, I started to feel really good, relaxed, calm, limber, almost an energized focus, with out the intense buzz I'd get after an intense anaerobic workout. I felt damn good! A little stinky but good!

My diabetes, kinda behaved itself.  Before class, 7.2 mmol/L(multiply by 18 for USA)post 13 mmol/L likely due to the 2 classes in a row and the dehydrated state I was in. 

I Enjoyed Sweating my Ass Off - and have now put my notice in at the Thai Boxing place to join the Hot Yoga instead.  Now any Macho people out their, remember don't knock it until you try it.
Anyone else try this out? How does it effect your Diabetes?



The DL said...

I love yoga! I'm so glad you gave it a try!

Wendy said...

The first time I took a yoga class, I couldn't believe it.

I thought I'd be mediating and relaxing.

I was just surviving!!!!!

Reyna said...

Way to go Trev!

Sarah said...

Yeah for you! I love that you and the Mrs. are enjoying a class together. I got TJ hooked on pilates, it use to be a great way to get some serious good laughs in for me as he couldn't touch his toes...but now he's made progress and I think I am beginning to be the butt of more jokes!
I do believe that the dehydration might cause more high BG after, so...figure out a way to hydrate properly and I bet it'll be smooth as can be. I also read that you can burn up to 1200 calories in hot yoga classes depending upon the intensity. That's a lot of burning for sure! Enjoy :)

alissa said...

Totally made me laugh! Yoga is awesome, but I like pilates more... well done on giving it a go :)

Bruce said...

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Anne said...

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