Friday, November 25, 2011

Emotions First - Then Facts

"My Dog is a Fabulous Listener"
I thought I'd Drop A quick line to the DOC.  I was initially going to write in detail about my latest visit to my Endo's Office and Diabetes Team....but about halfway through I thought, damn this is boring.

So I just wanted to say......that a few things need to be highlighted about what I think is an essential patient encounter, so if any Nurses, Doctors, or anyone dealing with the public reads this I hope you all take a similar approach. This also includes me as I also need to perfect this skill, just ask my wife.

I know, get to the point already!!!

My Diabetic Nurse did a great thing during our meeting.

She asked; what I felt about my diabetes, more specifically what I hated about it.  Which paved the way for a positive and open interview. It was Great! Great, because had she not addressed the emotional aspect of dealing with Diabetes I likely would have left the visit with little motivation to move forward and make changes.  Instead I felt open to listen to her as she did to me.

After the emotion was out of the way we got into the numbers and facts, which she also suggested some valuable changes I did not pick up on being immersed in analysing my kids diabetes management.  Long story short, I hope I treat others the same way in my encounters.

 I want to give a quick thanks to my diabetic Nurse! 




Roselady said...

Hi Trev:
Nice to hear from you again!

Sarah said...

early Happy Holidays to you Trev! What a gift to have a great D nurse...I feel the same way about Isaac's endo. I hope when he's older and doing more independent care that he's surrounded by outstanding docs and nurses, too.

Michael Hoskins said...

Thanks for the update, Trev. It's great to find people in the medical community who "get it." Oh, and it doesn't hurt to have dogs who love to listen, either!!

Meri said...

A good diabetes nurse/doctor is invaluable! So glad you had a good experience and feel motivated. That is a win/win for sure!

Anonymous said...


Hey you. How's it going?... U doin ok?? Worried about you.