Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Having Diabetes - Doesn't Mean You're Smart

This is my Third Contributory Blog to a Project organized by Karen at Bitter Sweet and Wednesday's Topic is Diabetes Bloopers.

As the title indicates, just because you have a diagnosis of Diabetes it doesn't necessarily mean you know all about diabetes. Let me explain.

When I finished High School, 20 years ago, I decided to take nursing. Now at that point I'd had diabetes for 10 years. So I am plugging along doing my courses, and then in 2nd semester we have to take an Endo unit. Of course Diabetes is a large portion of this class.

I decide, the heck with it, I'll  take advantage of my supreme knowledge related to diabetes and skip the majority of the classes.  Then came the Unit Exam on Diabetes. No problem right?

Wrong!!! Oh sooo wrong.  I remember opening the first page of the exam and  having that feeling of impending doom. My heart sank, I got sweaty, because I came to the sudden realization that I knew jack shit! Hence the title.

I had only attended the initial training session for diabetes education when I was 9 year old with my parents. That apparently was not enough to float me through this exam. 

So I struggled through the exam. And, awaited my fate.  Three days later the results were posted. But before they were posted I had my professor call me in for a meeting. Not to give me trouble, for failing, yes I failed the exam, but because she was genuinely worried about my health, and overall diabetes control.

That was the most embarrassing Diabetic Moment for me. 

Nevertheless, I studied, rewrote the exam and did quite well. I did a placement in a diabetes education centre the following year, which totally rocked, because associating with fellow PWD motivated me to pursue my career full steam ahead,  and the rest is history.



Reyna said...

WOW Trev. This is a great BLOOPER story. Being called in had to be hard.

Look where it all has taken you! Pretty amazing isn't it?

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

That's a not terribly funny way, but still!!
I can remember trying to explain to a professor that I was having a hard time concentrating on an exam because my parakeet had died...seriously!

Sarah said...

That's a definite ironic kind of funny isn't it?! We've had moments like that where TJ decides to do something odd in terms of Isaac's d care and I just look at him with the WTF look and he says something to the extent of "well it's what I've always done" and when I ask why he has no reason what so ever, just because it's how he has always done it.
I love that you turned that moment into a learning moment and chose the path you did. I am sure many patients appreciate your personal knowledge.

Lora said...

hmmm... interesting! I wish we could get that exam. I would LOVE to take it.

HVS said...

That will totally be me,next semester.(although if I just learned from those who've been there,& just study even if I think I know it wouldn't be)

I'm glad it got you back on track,though I'm sure it was quite embarrassing.

Meri said...

Ouch! Being schooled by your professor had to hurt! Good for you for getting back on that horse!

Heather B said...

This is the funniest blooper blog I've read so far today!

Karen G said...

Hands down, that has got to be the BEST diabetes blooper story ever!!