Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Things We Find

As some of you may know, I have a few Diabetes People in DA House.

And, any of you with kids, or even those who have been temporarily exposed to these tiny creatures, it is a known fact that possessions can,  and will mysteriously disappear in their company.

I have found my missing watch buried in the closet around dolly's neck. I have stumbled upon the TV remote underneath my toddlers pillow, and the list goes on, and on........

So the other night, I was looking for my daughters fancy glucometer, the Contour USB port one, to no avail.
So I decided to evoke my right as commander in chief to start Operation "FIND ALL THE DIABETES STUFF"  So it began.....

After about an hour of rummaging, cushion flipping, junk drawer emptying, doll house searches, we had a pile of supplies on our counter.

We had glucometers, Pens, Empty Pens, Needles, Needle TIPS, Empty and full test strips, Lancets,  and empty vials of insulin. Crazy the amount of stuff, I honestly didn't know we had.

As I was matching all the strips to meters to lancets to cases, I thought of the DOC, and how odd it is that this really is the norm for us folks.

Instead of finding the remote stuffed between a couch cushion, we find a meter, instead of finding a pen on the counter we find an insulin pen.

Bizarre how normal it becomes.




Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Bizarrely normal, for sure! It's always amazing how D things can find their way into the oddest of places!

The DL said...

ha! Sometimes when I check in the middle of the night I forget in the morning and I freak out..considering no one else touches it I FREAK OUT! The elves stole my meter!!

Lora said...

How you suppose it looks to ppl when a syrings comes out of your purse with a wallet?? It was normal to ME :)

Sarah said...

I think the most fun for our family is when we find another person's test strip outside when we're out and about - the other day we were at a park and there on the ground was a used freestyle test strip, Isaac happily exclaimed, "look somebody else has diabetes that was playing here, too!"

Anonymous said...

how bizar is our normal, test strip in the lint trap of the dry really freaked out the inlaw when they were visiting.