Monday, November 26, 2012

School Woes

I need to share our recent experience with our daughters new school.
But first a little back ground info.

We recently moved locations, in the same town, but far enough to consider changing schools. After deep thought we decided to change schools.

As anyone knows change is hard enough, new people, new schedules, but we thought what the heck it`ll work out just fine. Wrong.....

I went to the school to do a mini presentation on diabetes management 101 to all the school officials involved directly and indirectly in Rowan`s care. All went smooth, or so I thought.

School started, routines were becoming entrenched, and more comfortable each day. Communication was multiple times daily via text, cell phone and the occasional email.

Until the dreaded formal letter.

To my surprise we were delivered a letter from the Principal CC`d to his boss pointing out three issues that they failed to call me to discuss or text me during our daily interactions. My blood instantly boiled.

WTF. They create a paper trail as opposed to a simple phone call.

Okay, I know you are asking, what were the issues. Well they were 1. Her glucose levels were fluctuating - duh, that is because we have her on a crap insulin to accomidate school life, the dreaded NPH.....2. They need ample supplies to care for her diabetes, well we once forgot to send the right glucometer, at which time they called me and I immediately dropped another off, and 3.  We are not easy to get a hold of - that one I simply disputed by showing the principal my cell phone and all the daily texts from the teachers aide.

We felt like we were being attacked from our so called team members.  I guess the purpose of this post is a bit selfish, yes I am venting to the DOC.

We refuted the letter by writing our own to the principal, hand delivered and discussed with him, even though it went in one ear and out the other. We also CC`d the letter to his boss, following suit with his paper trailing methods.

I am still, sitting here shaking my head thinking, what the hell is wrong with picking up the phone and dealing with people face to face directly.



Scott K. Johnson said...

Hey Trev,

Sorry to hear about that man. You're right, it sounds very frustrating.

I wish I had some solid advice to offer, but I'm afraid I'm not much use there. Just wanted to drop by and offer some moral support.

Jonah said...

Do you have any guess as to why the prinicipal did that?

Trev said...

I do understand that some concerns were brought forth from the class TA and he felt it was necessary to formally write it up to facilitate communication and to cover his ass. However, normally a phone call or informal notation is the course of action fiorst then a formal letter if we didn`t change our behavior. My issue is was there was no issue to start with.