Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Turning a Woe into a Win

I know my titles kill me too!

So after I wrote the last post I was feeling the need to pay a visit to the school to touch base post traumatic letter writing warfare.

I feel it is imperative for Rowan`s sake to have a cohesive team with good morale. I went into the office and said hello, and proceeded to ask to speak to the principal.

I am fully aware of office politics and am 99% certain everyone in the school office was somewhat aware of the little quarrel from a week ago. Oh well.

I  was permitted to enter Mr P`s  (Name is changed) office. I shook his hand and asked him how things were going now with Rowan. I then said that I wanted to make peace as I now felt that Rowan`s team is strained. He denied feeling the same way, and assured me that everything was fine on their end.

I tried to convey empathy for his position and his need to take a formal stance when he feels that a students safety is paramount, but I also encouraged him to please call me next time with anything, small to prevent a cascade of letter writing warfare that invariably leaves all parties feeling segregated and awkward.

We shook hands and decided to move forward in a positive direction. On the way out I bumped in to the TA in charge of Rowan`s care. ``Awkward`` But nevertheless, I asked her if ``our team`` was still good and intact. Sometimes I think I am far to sensitive but I feel it is important to maintain good relations with those responsible for keeping my baby safe. I thanked her for learning about diabetes and taking good care of Rowan. She said ``Go Team Rowan``

I hope all is well.


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Kerri. said...

I'm glad things are on their way towards mending.

(And personally, I liked your title.)