Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Diabetes Mind-Game


I swear it speeds up with each passing moment, days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and before we know it a decade has passed.  Your probably thinking, does this have anything remotely to do with diabetes?

Well for me it really does.  Life is crazy for most of us, in this modern day we live by the clock, work, family, home, and the list goes on. 

One thing for sure, diabetes is an additional thing that must take importance in our lives and thus also eats up time. Pharmacies, testing, doctors appointments etc...

There is also one more thing; WORRY.

We constantly hear things, be it in  the media or from others in general.  "My aunt lost a limb from diabetes" or "Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness" You get my point, its mostly negative, sensationalized crap.

As a long time diabetic I inevitably find myself  in silence thinking, how long will I live, will I go blind, or be on dialysis for kidney failure. 

I have actually looked up mortality rates for those with diabetes.  Crazy! But true.

Then I decided to look at some facts. Like, with tight control you can prevent most of the complications associated with Diabetes.  Really, I thought, many years ago now. 

Now I realize that for every sad story of someone with diabetes there are many positive stories.  Like, folks with diabetes who have lived well into their 80`s.  Athletes with diabetes, and many others.

I have to be honest though. For me it's a daily struggle. Since it's the kinda thing you can`t really place in the back of your mind.

For me "The Worry" is a constant mind game.  Many moments spent telling myself "good control equals a long complication free life." But one can`t help to worry, when the mood is low, or when you get a horrific reading on your meter and a terrible A1C, you can`t help the dance that ensues in your mind thinking; will I make it or will this bloody diabetes finally catch up with me.

Most days I feel I can control it, beat it, and  I'm up for the challenge.  But there are those days, you know the ones, you just can`t seem to look at the bright side.

Then I say to myself, "let the mind-game begin" and most often I go to bed at night with renewed faith that tomorrow I will get up to face the challenge that diabetes brings.

For those who live with diabetes you are not alone and know one thing for sure; it is absolutely possible to live a long and healthy life with diabetes. 


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