Friday, January 28, 2011

Here's a Toast to Alcohol and Diabetes

Well it's Friday, thank goodness! 

It got me thinking about Alcohol, not sure why, oh yes because it's Friday.

We all know that 1 to 2 drinks has been toted as good for the health, but what about alcohol and diabetes.

Well personally it has never stopped me, and yes I have gone through the dry heaving and porcelean worshipping in my days with alcohol, and promised to never do that again, and of course I did it again.

However, it has been awhile since I have overindulged, but I do enjoy my 1-2 drinks per day rule.

Where am I going with this, you ask; just  how does alcohol effect diabetes?

It is kind of cool really!  It slows down glycogenesis in the liver, or decreases the amount of glucose the liver is releasing into the blood stream.  Good right, well that depends.  Like, if you have food on board, insulin  levels from past boluses, blood glucose level, delayed uptake of glucose from an earlier bout of intense interval training.  In other words a drink just isn't a drink for us diabetics.

As per the usual, us folks have to think, analyse, and drink methodically, to be safe. Why can't life be simple, well it can if you know what you're doing.

The usual recommendation is to eat something prior to drinking, or have a drink with dinner. But lets face it, sometimes, you just want a cold one and thats it.
Here is a good info guide for alcohol and diabetes and the associated risks.

Dry wine and diet sprite, dry wine, diet cola and rye, or my favorite Diet ginger and aged whiskey, what ever your tastes try to make it diabetes friendly.  Check your glucose frequently, try to have some Carb, and make sure you are in good company if you do get out of hand, meaning, you've decided to go over the 1-2 glass recommendation.

So, happy friday!  Cheers!   Time to put the kids to bed, and have my Fave!



Karen said...

I've found that just a teeny bit of exercise combined with a glass of wine can keep me way too low for hours. Like if you have a drink at a wedding and then go hit the dance floor. The great thing is, once we know what to expect we can try to be prepared. :) I raise my (martini) glass to your post!!

Reyna said...

Love this! Joe doesn't "drink" (he is seven), but I have wondered about this and have looked up information on it for his later years. Thanks for posting and keeping it "real".