Friday, January 21, 2011

To Pump or Not to Pump

Over a month ago we decided to give Rowan (our 6 Year old Pumper) a vacation from her pump.  The decision was not an easy one to make because her "Mr Wizard" is truly a wonderful device.  For those new to insulin pumps the wizard feature basically figures out a bolus calculation based on what her glucose level is and how much carb we want to feed our princess.  In other words it saves my brain cells.

So off came the pump.  Next we figured out her pump totals, and started her on multiple daily doses.  To my surprise Rowan was in great spirits! I can relate, as it is nice to take a pump vacation, you can roll around, wrestle with the kids, and not worry about snagged tubing, or a knee in the old "site"

It went well until Monday, the first day back to school.  She was now requiring a lunch time insulin shot to cover her lunch.  The school team have been absolutely fabulous and fully Pump trained but not injection trained.

Oh, why did we even take her off the pump?  Sorry getting ahead of myself.  Rowan's tiny arms, and hips/buttocks, were getting swollen, as the infusion set cannula(needle) is not small.  We needed to give her body a break.  Now we are giving more injections using a very tiny(4mm)needle and can rotate to different areas.

Okay lets get to the point, we all miss her pump, strangely enough Rowan doesn't.  She like the freedom, and doesn't mind the multiple daily injections.

In order for the school workers to give her needles, they need a physician to sign forms, we see the endo in March.  As much as I have enjoyed spending my lunch hours with Rowan, it is very cool for Rowan to eat lunch at school with her dad, it is not a good long term plan.

So "Mr Wizard" we miss you and want to formally invite you back.  Your brain is far better then mine, and I can visit Rowan for lunch for fun not out of necessity.  Rowan's arms and site areas are looking way better and are now pump ready again.

So if given the choice for school age diabetic control I would definitely go with the pump.


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