Sunday, January 23, 2011

Welcome Back Mr Wizard

Well today's the day Rowan goes back on the pump.  Her tiny arms and hips needed a break from the large cannula.

She has been pump-less for about 4 weeks.  First time since she was 2.  However we desperately need "Mr Wizard" to return to our family.  Mr Wizard is Rowan's pumps name.

What now?  We ready our supplies.

1.  Pump and new battery
Mr Wizard and his fuel
2.  Reservoir and Novorapid

3.  Silhouette infusion set(Rowan's Least favorite component)

4. Clean skin(Bath time!) Just imagine toys, barbies and lots of bubbles!

4. Pep Talk
Rowan, ready to invite Mr Wizard back!
6. Insertion

7.  Connect Mr Wizard and Fix Prime

8.  Glucose Check

Hugs, cuddle, hug, and lots of TLC.
Rowan, Mr Wizard, and I

Welcome back Mr Wizard!  You are a pain but you make our life so much easier, thank-you Medtronic

I remember trying to self manage my own pump therapy and found this site the most useful in terms of actually sharing info for pump adjustments, assessing your rates etc.  It is located in Canada but the principals are universal The Diabetes Clinic


Anonymous said...

I have to agree that the bolus calculator saves me so much thinking every day!

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