Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Gonna Hurl!!!

"My tough guy pose"
I have recently joined a Martial Arts Training Centre to get back into Muay Thai Boxing. And, let's be honest to get my Ass back into shape, not that I am a coach potato, but let's just say these last few years of sedentary jobs has not been good for the belly roll over the belt scenario, but rest assured I can still see my feet and other important body parts.....TMI

Anyway, so on a whim, I arrived home from work and the house was rather quiet, yes it does happen on occasion. Kids were out, little one watching barbie on the tele, and my wife taken a much deserved cat nap.

I tossed my shorts, and tank top into a bag and decided to drive out to a Martial Arts MMA training centre. This was two weeks ago now. I gear up, grab a rope and jumped right in. The classes are one hour long, and boy they are intense. 15 min warm up, skipping, shadow boxing, push ups, burpies, just think boot camp training. Okay, so I limped a bit the next day after the first couple of classes. Then last night......

WHOLLY CRAP, what the hell was that.....It was a different instructor, and I seriously thought he was trying to kill me, no seriously, between hacking, spewing and nearly coughing up my upper lung lobe, being light headed from non stop heart rate in the 200's for far too long (in my opinion) I really thought I was going to hurl.....blow chucks, vomitus uptacous, what ever you want to call it.  So did I?  Not on your life as this is a sign of weakness, in my book. 

I huffed and puffed and the warm up ended and we moved on at a much more reasonable pace, thank god, as I truly think if the warm up had of been even 1 minute longer, I would have done the run of shame to the can to relieve myself. 

Now, I suppose I should link this back to diabetes in some way.........Well I can say that training has always felt good, contrary to the above session (it does get easier) but seriously though, it has an amazing blood glucose lowering effect as our muscles and liver are refilled with glucose that is consumed and lingering around the blood stream that would otherwise be doing insidious silent damage....I know I am dramatic.

But more importantly, it is great to connect mind and body, by focusing on movement, proper technique, as I am totally in the present moment.  It is a fabulous stress relieving thing for our overly taxed body and mind. 

So I have officially joined, no backing out now. I look forward to doing the class minus the extreme urge to barf.




Foodness Gracious said...

Better you than me. Good luck!!

Sarah said...

glad you didn't loose it. I worked out with my mom and her trainer a few years back and actually did ralph, the next day I found out I was pregnant with Isaac...although I am not sure it was the cause of the puking it has held to be a good excuse so that I don't feel like too big of a wimp!
I'm glad you've found a new way to get out of your head and into the moment. Enjoy that time away :)

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Good for you!!!!! I just signed up for Jazzercise a month ago and I'm using muscles that I forgot I even had!LOL

Stress relieving is what it's all about for me!

Lora said...

WOW! That class sound... notsoawesome! I would have hurled fo sho. I am a wimp and I admit it.

Glad your sticking to it though.