Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Hardest Job on The Planet is........

I read a post on the DOC that prompted me to write this.  Just want to say hang in there all of you fabulous parents who have been forced (no-one asked you) to take on the role of EXTERNAL PANCREAS.

PARENTING in my humble opinion is THE HARDEST job on the planet!!!

Now, before you say ya, whatever, what do you know, you're a man, please hear me out.  True.....I certainly haven't stayed home full time as long as my better half parenting our brew has. However, I stayed home for a year, with a New Baby a 2 and 4 yr old, while my wife did her teaching degree, and I worked nights on the week-end to pay for the rent, and oh, my diabetes supplies. AND----

 It was bar none, the HARDEST year of my life. This was all before any of our five offspring had Type 1 diabetes. Okay, what am I getting at, I am, in a man way,  trying to say,  I kinda, sorta had a glimpse of how tough and emotionaly exhausting parenting is at times, and this is with out throwing TYPE 1 DIABETES into the mix. 

My wife and I have lost more sleep in the last 41/2 years out of 13 years of parenting thanks to that STUPID disease destroying 2 of our kids Beta Cells.

I'm not sure when----.but hopefully with better technology, or ANYTHING to make diabetes safer and or less stressful, to aid us in our role as the crazy multi-testing, carbohydrate calculating, meal planning, nocturnal worrying substitute for a dysfuncional pancreas that our child and us have to put with, just maybe----Things in time will get a little easier. 

From one caring house full of Type 1's to another....I thank the DOC for sharing, as it is nice and unfortunate at the same time to know there are others who understand and are there for all to listen to.




Wendy said...

It is quite an adventure...I used to work weekend nights (hello shift diff!) too!!

One day at a time. One foot in front of the other.

Just keep swimming.

Thanks for the reminder of SAME :)

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Such a great reminder that parenting plus D makes 'just parenting' look like a cake walk!! ;)

Sarah said...

here, here! Thanks for being so sympathetic. Now here's my question, that nobody asks or well maybe nobody deals with but us...how do you guys manage it all without being two ships passing in the night? How do you continue to take care of your d, your marriage, your children and yourself mentally? This Kelly clan seems to be dredging along for far too long...

Reyna said...

Love to you and the fam Trev!!! Same-Same...it is like 'Renting on 'Roids...being a Parent Pancreas.

Lora said...

And "cheers" to you too. Thanks for posting this :)