Monday, July 25, 2011

She'll Get Used to It....

  A comment made to us by a nurse sticking an infusion set into our 2 year old Type 1's arm for her very first time 4 years ago.

The memory popped into my cranium on the way to work today.  I do believe because it was a terrible experience, and a statement we as Type 1 PWD hear likely more often then we'd like.

"So you must get used to taking needles, right?"

Well, not really. It simply isn't normal to stick a sharp object into your skin, it's kinda like trying to keep your eyes open when putting in contacts. You get better at it, but never really used to it.

I know for me, I still after 29 years hesitate prior to injecting, knowing I may hit that (1 in a 100) spot that hurts and burns like, well, like freaking hell!

SO in response to the Nurse whom I owe the title of this post, who by the way doesn't have diabetes; no she won't get used to it!!!

I think honesty is best, like saying; "It may sting a bit, and it may not" Which is a more appropriate comment to make prior to sticking a large bore set into a wee little arm. 

I know this "Needle" fear or in some people phobia, is a barrier to better control, and often a huge hesitating factor for Type 2's needing to start on insulin.

I tell em; "Look, it's going to hurt some times, but usually you won't feel a thing"  As I demo on myself using the 4 mm BD needle to ease their mind. Even then, they often refuse to start that day and ask to post-pone the inevitable for a "bit". 

When I ask about their feeling regarding injections, they conjure up stories about GIANT NEEDLES they had in the past usually at the dentist or from a past immunization. When I display the 4mm needle tip, they often say, "Wow that's tiny".

What is my point exactly, well..... if adults are reluctant and hesitant and admittedly afraid, then OUR children truly are the BRAVEST little people on the planet!!!




Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

I HATE comments like that!
And yes, our kids are THE BRAVEST!

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

They are. And I agree - people who do not themselves have to "get used" to it, should not say so. Caleb will articulate this way. He tells people - sometimes it hurts more than others and "you get used to it." He is entitled to say so, but I agree - I think he means something slightly different - like after the first few times you know what to expect and it's not as bad as not knowing. But I don't think he's exactly used to it. He'd be very happy to not have to do it anymore and I don't think the two concepts can coexist, ya know?

Sarah said...

they are VERY brave indeed.

Lora said...

I wish people would put a filter on. Even if that was true(how does she know) its a pretty cold thing to say.

Lynne-Anne said...

My husband has been diabetic for 40 years. Before they let him start the process to get a pump, 2 years ago, they had him see a psychologist to find out why he had a fear of needles. His response to that question "if someone comes at you with a huge needle every day from the age of 3, several times a day, you wouldn't like it either!" He actually would skip his shots to avoid the needle. Thank God for the pump! His life has changed drastically. Our daughter was diagnosed 2 weeks before he started his pump, but a year later, she was on the pump too. She hardly ever cries, but you're right Trev, sometimes you do hit that one spot that burns like a bugger!