Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Where's the off-ramp from Life in the Fast Lane?

I need to tell you how I feel, not complain, but try to create clarity through expression, if you know what I mean. Sometimes getting it out, opens the cranial paths to solutions and ideas. So here goes.

Is it just me or does life get quicker as we age?  It seems that with each passing day, there are less and less hours, and each passing day seems blurrier then the last and before you know it,  you're staring at yourself in the mirror asking yourself;  "where the hell did that year go"   Too Fast I say!

I recently picked up a second job, so I work Monday to Friday and on the week-ends. Crazy but the cost of living is insane. I desperately want to minimize the unessential things in our life but feel trapped being the Father of a rather large number of Offspring who look to me to provide their every need. My wife also works full time.

Okay,  to put it bluntly, somethings gotta give.

I persistently argue with myself saying, "It's temporary" or "It is good to be busy" but This Life in The Fast Lane is going to take its toll eventually.

Take its toll on my diabetes and health that is.  I find it harder and harder to exercise. Meal planning is also more challenging. This winter resulted in the highest A1C I have had in many years. And I can't help to charge my busy life as the culprit and cause of my poor diabetes control.

Time is limited and I sooo need it to heal, manage, and improve my health.

Any PWD knows that stress makes diabetes harder to control, well, I guess that has been my issue.

Ideas to improve above dilemma:

-Cancel all unnecessary distractions, like the hundreds of channels through our cable provider.
-Focus on eating healthy - Already doing that
-Quit both jobs - kidding - Money is unfortunately as important as Oxygen at the moment.
-Baby steps - short work outs at lunch maybe - More playing at the park, even when tired, as it's good for me and the kids.
-And any other ideas the DOC wants to throw my way - thanks in advance!

On a positive note - Seen my Eye Doctor yesterday, and zero evidence of Retinal issues, eyes are good!

Well, just letting my thoughts channel through fingers - to keys - to screen in an attempt to find the off-ramp.




Lora said...

Life does go by faster and fast with each passing year. Its scary!! I mean... Its ALREADY July for crying out loud!!!

Hope life slows down for you soon :)

Michael Hoskins said...

Hope you're finding the offramp, my friend. I so hear you and can relate. It's tough managing these days, and there are so many storms I can't even get the umbrella up in time anymore. Toning down my DOC involvement is what I've tried to start doing, and it's tough but a necessary happening. Still, haven't unplugged for a break even though I know it's coming sooner rather than later. However it all plays out, hope we can keep our sanity. Good luck, Trev.

Sarah said...

we have many of the same issues here - TJ works 14 hr days and leaves little room for exercise or just plain being together. So, what we do is exercise together. We usually end all of our evenings either walking or biking to a park, once at the park we play hard - tag, chase, hide and go know it sounds silly, but we laugh so hard and have so much fun that it is definitely a well packed hour of exercise and family fun. As for other things such as TV and what not we're pretty strict - 30 min of screen time a day, period! Tough, but it works. We don't go out to eat unless it's a special occassion (or grandma or grandpa pay!) and we only buy the clothes/shoes that we need. It's been tough having more than one person with d in the house financially, but again it's reminded us over and over to be thankful for all we have and has shown us that we can get buy on so much less than we thought.