Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Too Fast - Too Complicated?!

"My Middle Kid and Chuck. Note No Technology"
Hello DOC and DOC stumblers, I wrote this over a month ago, and didn't post it. Better late then never I guess.  Oh, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Diabetes.

Today is what I would refer to as a free thought post.  Meaning no planned topic. Just what's on the Melon.

I have touched on the concept before of Making Things Too complicated.

Life being a Race, Hamster Stuck on a Wheel, type theme.

Cell Phones, Computers, iPads, TV, Video Games.  These are all great things in their own right, but at what expense. 

A few months ago, I was at the mall in a food court. At a nearby table sat a teen and his two parents. The father was talking to his son.  During this conversation the Boy never made eye contact, and continued to use his iPhone.  The crazy thing is, the father continued the conversation as if it were a normal thing. Now my wife and I commented afterwards how we would have taken the phone and had a serious discussion regarding proper communication.

I see people everywhere, driving, walking, in line ups, movies, you name it, they are on their gadgets, everywhere, all the time. Kids don't call each other anymore, they text or Facebook. To the point that doctors are seeing younger people with posture pain from looking down too much, crazy!

I can't help to ask, at what expense. Now before I proceed, I am not saying I don't agree with using technology, hell I use it all the time. I am just reflecting on what I observe and the potential social implications.

What I observe in the workplace for example is an increase in social avoidance and often more passive aggressive behavior. Professionally I rarely communicate directly anymore, its Voice Mail, Email, Text, and if that fails, Phone. Which is never really a good thing. People misinterpret  written emails the wrong way, because unlike verbal interaction there is no instant feedback loop and zero body language which is 70-80% of all communication. I find it cowardly to email an issue when you are in the same building, and was a little shocked at how often this happens. I feel people are getting worse in some cases at communicating as a result of all the other non-face-to-face options. Just my opinion of course.

I know this is a huge topic, that entails, email and FB bullying, online dating, gambling, and car accidents related to cell phone use. I am more concerned about one thing.

It is said that technology increases connectivity, but I also see it actually increasing social disconnectivity(I know it's not a word)

Instead of shutting off the TV, Cell, Computer, Video game, and going out to socialize, we are spending more and more time having our minds sucked into the technological realm and distracted from real life.

I guess this whole post stems from my more frequent walks and bike rides over lunch instead of spending it at my desk in front of my computer.

There is really something to be said when you hear a person's voice, see their expression, here their laughter.

I am once again not discouraging use of computers, or cells, but think we need to be aware of the social, physical and emotional ramifications of letting them overtake our every waking moment.

Sorry for the deep post. Not really diabetes related. Just stuff on the ole Melon.



Lora said...

I have been having this same conversation with my daughter lately. She has been texting to make plans. I thought she was going to cry when I MADE her pick up the phone and call her friend.

I was like... what do you do when your in front of eachother?? Not speak??

Oh! And the dad with the kid on the phone... simply disrepectful. Thats all!

www.diabeticsurvivalkit said...

Hi Trev. Good for you. I am an endocrinologist and find my office visits interrupted by people getting phone calls or texts and then asking me to wait while they are on the phone. It seem that everything gets priority except for the person in the same room. Maybe I am old fashioned by I like to look at people and read their body language, feels their warmth, see their smile, during visits and conversations. I hope some things will improve by going backwards.

Meri said...

Your melon is spot on.

Have you seen this one? :)


Foodness Gracious said...

Good to see a post from you again. I agree with what you say and have been guilty of such shennanigans in the past. Heck my 6 year old daughter is way too familiar with the workings of my phone but I will not succcumb to the t.v headrest in the car...:)