Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why Blog?

"Me at the office"
I feel it is necessary to let any readers that stumble on my site, or any regular readers to understand the motivation behind my blog.

I recently lost a nights sleep, um last night, because I was posting on a forum and offended some folks by linking my blog into the comments.  I was way to eager to engage people to come read my content here.  I appreciate that I was corrected however I was sleepless last night worried they would boot me off the forum. I was very happy that they didn't. 

It was a terrible night. Today I woke feeling a tad blue.  Thinking why do I blog? 

I do it for a number of reasons.  I am, what I would consider a very new blogger, hence my stupidity and inappropriate linking on the forum site. I have only been doing this "Blog" for a few months.

Why did I start?  I was searching one evening for a way to feel supported online, feeling kind of isolated and not supported with my own diabetes and as a parent with 2 type 1 kids. So I googled, and clicked onto a blog called Six Until Me and I read it with total awe.  I emailed the author Kerri and she emailed me back.

That was when I realized; maybe I could share some of my experiences with the online community.

I wrote my first post It Started with Me Now There's Three.  When I wrote the post it felt good, I mean to put thoughts to screen. I also realized I kind of enjoy writing. But most importantly, I felt like I was contributing and sharing (hopefully) useful information with the diabetic online community.

I value the blogs, posts and discussions I have read, and how it made me feel validated, and not so alone.  I was, amazed to hear that others had multiple kids with diabetes, and that people were living healthy lives despite their diabetes. 

I have come close to calling it quits a few times, see Mirror Mirror on The Wall? or Ring the Bell Already!

But then I receive a comment or two saying "Thanks for sharing, it was really helpful" I inevitably feel driven and compelled to share my thoughts, experiences, and all things related, and sometimes unrelated to the world of  Diabetes.

If I only touch one person, or make someone know they are not alone, if someone reads my post and thinks, "I totally went through that"  If I can relate and support and share,  then this is my calling. I will do this as long as it feels worth while to others.

If I did it only for myself I would write in a private journal.

Have a great week-end. I want to say thank-you for reading my posts, I want to say thank-you for all your inspiring and thought provoking comments. I also want to thank those who have inspired me!

This is Why I Blog. 



Reyna said...

Trev...your words and your posts are educational and inspiring. I appreciate your twisted sense of humor as well!

Ann Onimous said...

Beautifully said. You inspire a lot of people all over the world: you certainly inspire me. Thank you for blogging.

Anonymous said...

I think those on the forums were wrong in attacking you so upfront. It would have been more appropriate for them to send you a PM saying what you were doing was annoying them. Guess what, I really do not think you were doing anything that was against the forums rules. The owner of the forum NEVER posted to you to stop it. Okay, I am now dawning my flame suit and running to hide under my rock. If you want to hide for a while I will send you directions to the rock. Please not I am not putting my name on this comment.

Wendy said...

The truth is that either you're a blogger or you aren't. Many bloggers don't realize that, in fact, they would actually enjoy it...because they don't try. Once you get those first few posts off your fingertips and people begin to reply ... it's AWESOME!

Sadly, there are a few forums with members who strongly oppose bloggers. The don't understand how therapeutic blogging can be and would rather discuss an issue back and forth instead of reading one side of it. Like I said, not everyone is a blogger...and that's okay.

BUT if you are...then keep it up. Keep doing what feels right and enjoying the hobby. Yeah, there are some etiquette rules that are usually learned by trial and error...but don't fret :)

My friend Shamae created this video over a year's about the DOC and blogging :)

Anonymous said...

As a PWD with Type 1 yourself with two children with Type 1, IMO, you are uniquely qualified to blog about life with diabetes. And posting on CWD forums should be a good way to reach other parents. I'm sure most value your experience. Don't let criticism from a few of the more vocal members on the CWD forum inhibit your freedom of expression. There are about five members there who flame just about anything written, however innocuous. I'm wondering if you would have a more positive response on Tudiabetes. CWD site is a fantasic resource but be careful what you share on the forums. Just my personal experience and opinion.

Valerie said...

Thank YOU for blogging and sharing your insights! :)

Anonymous said...

Keep blogging. I like reading it. =)

Sysy said...

This is a great post and I can SO relate! I got all pumped up two years ago to blog when my kids were born and then heard crickets for the longest time. I have been putting all my free time to blog and write my book and often want to quit. Just then I get an email from someone saying they really appreciate something I wrote and I realize the hard work is worth it.

What you did in a forum I did too at the beginning. I just didn't know! lol I also did other things that are "no-no's" but hey it's a learning experience.

I do have a hard time with feeling totally rejected (on no basis whatsoever) but that's just me. It gets better with time.

Your writing is really enjoyable to read and I find your take on things refreshing, I really hope you keep it up!

Trev said...

To my friend who is hiding under the rock, I needed to be called out, and I did email in private asking them why they didn't email me in private, and all is good!
Thanks for looking out for me, and I am certainly not losing any sleep. I have enough to think about outside the realm of cyber space, if you know what I mean.