Monday, April 4, 2011

Mouthy Monday?!

"Ahhhh, Blue Skies"
Okay the last two posts have been a little on the dry side.

So as I peer out my office window and the sky is blue, like sunshine blue,  it motivates me to write about fun stuff.  Don't worry it is my lunch break so I can spend a little time blogging, surfing, etc.

Why the title?  I don't know really. I was going to post about sugar levels, and pumping, but kind of sick of it, since all three of us Type 1's in our crazy house are on this super strict recording kick. 

Basically a whole week-end of asking:

"Did you write it down"
          "What did you eat for carb?"
                   "Dareian go test Rowan, please"
                             "When did you take your insulin last"
                                        "How much carb did you eat?"
                                              "While write it down then so
                                                          I know what to change"

The dialogue goes on and on.........not to mention my own recording. I decided to wait to buy the CGM sensors, and bought food instead.

Monday 's my day to yack!  No,  not throw up....but just talk, or type.  No agenda, what ever comes to mind. I am sure diabetes will creep up in the post at some point, as it has above. Oh well.

So if you notice my pic, taken today; the sky is blue, but we still have the white stuff, which is melting, thank goodness.

I did something crazy this week-end, are you ready for this, I took five kids to a community swimming pool.
Normally I would pre-medicate to stay calm (kidding) We arrive, on Saturday and the place is packed.

The pool, I swear has hired 2 life guards for every swimmer, and if you let your child go outside the meter radius they scold you, seriously.  So you can well imagine the scenario(I get scolded every time) It is better now because I only have 2 kids under 8 to keep in reach.  The others are independent enough to go off on their own.

So Rowan and I disconnect our wizards, and lock up over 10000 dollars worth of pumps into our 50 cent locker. I always hesitate ever so slightly before I walk away, but they are always awaiting our return.

Then we swim, risking our infusion sets, as they may and almost always do peel off, but this time they stay intact, another plus because this also means we save about 50 bucks.

"Don't let the Cuteness Decieve you"
My three year old non-d has turned into an alien like Stitch from the Disney Movie.  Crazy, non stop, fearless, non-listening, testy, lil, monster, but cute. Cute for her safety.

My only diabetes message in case any reader is looking for one goes on regardless of having the D, in between testing, recording, treating, thinking,  enjoy those fun moments like swimming, sunshine, non-D stuff!

Did I also mention I am the champ at crazy 8's, oh ya baby!!!!

Happy Monday!