Friday, April 15, 2011

Robin in The Snow? - That's Just Not Right!

"Taken Today, Seriously"
Isn't it suppose to be "Robin in the Rain"

The robin just doesn't fit. Speaking of not fitting, or being incongruent......

My blog writing attitude hasn't been fitting lately.

First of all I owe you all a huge apology. Well at the bare minimum and explanation.

My Posts have been rather erratic in "Attitude" as of late, I am sure you have noticed.

So, I reflected on why I started blogging and the title of my Blog, and the phrase, "Stories about Navigating  Diabetes Myself and Parenting 2 Type 1 Children" and ask;  am I still reflecting this in my writings?

I went back to review my first post titled  "It Started with Me, Now There's Three" and read the first paragraph:
Three to Treat is my attempt to reach out and share some experiences of dealing day-in day-out with this challenging thing they call Type 1 Diabetes. 

Pretty simple. Very clear sentence. My attempt to reach out, through the fabulous online world and share my day-to-day experiences  about Type 1 diabetes.

Which begs the question;  have I been doing this lately?

I must admit I lost focus over the past two months, more like lost my mind(attitude)  I need to get back to those initial reasons.  The fundamentals reasons, like the ones quoted from my original post.

I merely want to "reach out" to others.  I want to "share" my experiences. 

So I ask myself why?

My free thought answer was this:  The fundamental human need to belong, and a drive to relate to others who experience what I do.  I hope others feel a sense of identification with some of my posts.  I hope those who live with Diabetes or care for someone with diabetes, reads a topic and think, "Oh, I totally hate when that happens" or "Hey, I should try that next time"  I hope to connect on some level through my writing and sharing. 

In order to do this I need a congruent attitude, a consistent approach, hopefully something you look forward to.  Trust me I can barely handle my own indecisiveness and fluctuating attitude. 

Not like the Robin in the Snow, which is confusing to the mind. It is not what we'd expect. So it messes with and confuses our brain. I don't want my blog to resemble or compare to a Robin in the Snow.