Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top Ten List: Things We Are Told Not to Do But Do Anyways

1.  Over Eating to Correct a Low

2.  Leaving the Infusion Set in "Just one More Day"

3.  Leaving the Lancet in your Finger Poker for Waaayyyy toooo Long.

4.  Re-Using Syringes, to the point where it really does hurt

5.  Eating when High - y'all know it's best to wait

6.  Chasing Numbers - AKA treating a food reading with another bolus of insulin

7.  Making spontaneous basal changes - Like I'm low, I'll just shut it off for a bit.

8.  Ignoring alarms - both mechanical and internal, pump, CGM, and our own lows.

9.  Eye Balling Gargantuan Amounts of Carbs, even though we know how to use the scale.

10.  My favorite, licking the blood drop off the finger post prick!  Makes me feel really rebellious.

What are some of your "Things You've Been Advised Not to Do"

Have an Awesome Day!



Amy said...

Well, as a D-Mom I do all sorts of things I am told not to do:

- let her be a kid, lift the burden of responsibility for periods of time so she can be just . . herself

- give her a shower less than 1 hour after dosing

- Give her a 16 gram carb snack instead of a 15. :0

- Let her use the alcohol pad to clean her finger, instead of the suggested whole hand washing.

- Tell her there will be a cure in her lifetime.

- Tell her it won't matter to her someday husband and her T1D won't come in the way or cause obstables for her having babies

Good discussion, my friend

Sarah said...

hmm...well apart from chucking food at my husband when he is low at very unhelpful times...hmmm...
I think the big one is we NEVER treat a low with 15 grams of carbs for Isaac.
For TJ he never re-checks after a low, at least I have never seen him do it.
I can't think of others right now but I am sure I do a million, they're just part of our awesome fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants routine!

Reyna said...

Wiping the blood on our clothes...well not mine if they are "nice" and/or "white".

Sucking the blood ~ guilty of that one too.

Totally like Amy on the bath/shower issue...luckily Joe only takes about 1/week.

And YES on alcohol if we are out and about. Come ON! We gotta live life.

The BIGGEST ONE we do is NOT SITTING AND WAITING FOR A LOW TO COME UP. If Joe feels like playing, I let him play. He needs to be a kid too and I will be damned to take more of his childhood away than what has already been stolen from him by "D".


paul said...

Thanks a lot for that list. I always tend to do these things as well. I think I should definitely avoid them.

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Shirley said...

Trev - do you mind if I summarize what you've posted and include a link to you blog in one of my blog posts? I want to blog about how much work living with T1 is and this would be a terrific addition to what I want to say .....