Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FIRE The Easter Bunny!

"My 3 Middle Children
Rowan, Grace & Abby"
WARNING:  Parental Advisory.  Do Not Let Your Child Read the Content.

YES, I said it.  I have been pissed at the Easter bunny since I was nine years old, the year I was told I had to "cut" out the candy. "D" Day, the year of Diagnosis.  That's what they did 28 years ago. They weren' t into letting patients control their diabetes. Carb counting wasn't promoted, it was basically, here is your exchange meal plan diet, good luck.

So when we got home(28 yrs ago), and these notorious holidays swung by, my parents took the meal plan to heart.  HAPPY freakin EASTER!  Instead of the basket with the huge chocolate bunny, I got a toy, and a bag of peanuts. If I was exceptionally lucky I also got a can of Diet Tab.  What's Up with that!!!

I asked my parents "Why did the Easter bunny not bring me chocolates this time?"  They told me he knows I have diabetes.  I thought, crap, even he knows.  That means, Santa will definitely know. This really sucks! 

Now fast forward 28 years to the land of Intensive Insulin Therapy and Carb Counting.

These holidays are still happening, as you all are well aware. Now I have learned to just take huge amounts of rapid insulin to "Have my Huge Chunk of Chocolate"  and so can my 2 type 1 kids.

Needless to say, I still to this day, have this secret grudge against the Easter Bunny. I almost feel bad about it, but it exists.

"Enjoying the Good Stuff"
These Holiday Occasions all involve the over consummation of "High Fructose-Glucose, anything Sugar-ose containing food in large quantities. Now for us living with a pancreas on permanent hiatus we are kind of screwed!  Y'all know what I am talking about.  No matter how hard I try even with intensive therapy and the use of rapid acting insulin, my blood glucose level for the 24 hrs during the "Holiday Occasion" is a jagged looking mountain of a graph. Naturally my children share this same graph. 

I still leave the key in the mail box for the Easter Bunny, but I really wish he'd bring us a new pancreas or at least call Santa and maybe they can both get together, swap magic and make it happen.

Even though Easter is easier then 28 years ago, I still wish these holidays were a little easier on the blood sugar control.



Amy said...

I feel so bad for your 28yo ago little boy self. What a crapper!!! Yes, you'd think the Easter Bunny and Santa could use just a wee bit of their magic to fix the situation and bring you a functioning pancreas. Boo to them!

You are certainly recitifying the situation, though. Those gils look hoppy! Oh, I mean happy ;)

Sarah said...

I'm feeling like the jelly-bean gustapo lately and not liking it...ugh, I wish Isaac could just eat all the jelly beans without any trouble, but since I have to program in every carb (yes I know you know) it makes me feel a bit grumpy around these sugar infested holidays.
My hubby talks about how po'd he was the first Halloween after dx, too - I can't even imagine. He still HATES that holiday due to his past experiences of bags of peanuts rather than candy.

Reyna said...

That sucks about the BUNNY for you Trev. I agree...Joe's CGM trend line looked like "Jaw's" dentition ...however, I would never take away the normalcy of childhood. Diabetes sucks sweaty balls bad enough without ruining the holidays. I am not a carb tight-wad at all.

Foodness Gracious said...

@ Reyna, I'm trying to be just like you and make it be the same rules as if D was not around. Candy and crap would still be somewhat limited but holidays would be a little less gestapo like..Im trying honest I am!