Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top 10 List: Sugar Spikers (Non Food Related)

Here is our list of things that take our flat lined blood glucose reading and shoot it up into the crazy zone:

1.  The Dawn Phenomenon - That damn hormonal surge!

2. The Re bounder - The rebound high after an extreme low or rebound from an over night low called the Somogyi effect

3.  Post Exercise Spike -  Increased levels post intense exercise.

4. The High Blood Sugar made Worse by Exercise Spike - Different then the above.

5.  The I'm Stressed Out Post Argument High -  Also called the Post Terrible Meeting, Post Anyone who Stresses you out High.

6.  The Dehydrated High -  The  I haven't had anything but coffee today spike.

7. The Site Change Spike - Good before the pump site change terrible after.

8. The Forgot to Bolus for my Meal High - Opps

9 The  Fasting High - AKA I  Forgot to Take my Bedtime Longacting.

10 The "where the hell did that one come from?" Spike - Which there is know rational explanation at all. AKA the Diabetic Curveball High

Feel free to add your own.




Jonah said...

The Wrong Kind of Exercise High- why, why, why must I go high from weight lifting?! Actually, I now just inject for this kind of exercise.

The I-Panicked-When-My-Blood-Sugar-Hit-40 High- not really a rebound since it's my own damn fault.

The I-Just-Threw-Up High- I guess this isn't as bad as an I-Just-Threw-Up Low would be.

Val said...

The About-to-go-out-for-birthday-dinner high: I've been good all day in preparation for splurging tonight, and I'm 300 before the bread basket arrives?!?