Monday, April 11, 2011

Would You Like to Buy Some Cookies?

Sure! I say enthusiastically to the 2 Girls standing on the porch holding a box of "Girl Guide" cookies.

As all five of my girls huddle behind ready to pounce me if I say no.

I say "Just one sec while I go get the money"  I return with the 2 toonies (2 two dollar coins in Canada) hand them the money and retrieve the goods

I close the door and my offspring follow us (the goods and I) into the kitchen.  Eagerly waiting for their delicious cream filled cookie to be rationed out.

Then reality sets in. Crap, Rowan was high 15 minutes before the goods arrived. 

I take the cookies and put them up in the cupboard risking a full on assault from all five of my children.

But I only say one thing, "Rowan's high right now"

They all (with the exception of the toddler) understand. 

I distract the wee one with a toy, and a drink.

The rest sit down at the table, and say " Come on Dad let's finish our game of cards" I smile and sit.

On the inside I think.  What a great bunch of kids, Rowan didn't complain at all, and the others put their own desires (trust me for an 8 and 10 year old to deny themselves a cream filled cookie is a major feat) aside for the consideration of their little Type 1 sister really touched my heart. I was a very proud dad at that moment.

This is one of many examples of the things parents with children of type 1 diabetes have to experience more often then they should.