Friday, April 29, 2011

Post Lab Visit - What Ifs...

Well, I decided since I was booked to see my Physician on Monday it was time to get my blood work done.

It has been harder and harder to get this done.  Not the act of getting the blood drawn, but finding the time to get to the lab, wait, fast, etc.  I always find excuses not to get it done.

I did manage to make it to the lab, pee in a cup, get the three vials of red stuff sucked out of me, and back to work with my morning coffee in tote. 

Diabetes, and its time suckers I tell ya. Normally a trip to the lab takes 1-2 hours out of my day. Today was a good day, in and out in an hour. I am glad to get it done, but a little worried about the result. I haven't been a well behaved PWD over the winter. Oh well, we shall see in a couple of days.

It is the what ifs that haunt me while I wait for the results.

Like What if....

-I'm spilling protein in my urine, called Microalbuminuria.....
-my Lousy Cholesterol(LDL) is increased.....
-my HgA1C completely blows...
-my kidney function (tests) worsens

 I pretty much worry about every single lab result and what it means and how it could potentially effect my lifespan.

When you've had the big D for a long time, these things start to seep into the thoughts, and consciousness, as you contemplate mortality with diabetes.

One things for sure is the DOC has numerous stories and people who have been dealing with D for decades and are living proof that it is possible to live a long, complication free life.

 I know the research(DCCT Trial Info) states it is possible to reduce complications, but I want to avoid complications not just reduce.

Well until Monday the fingers are crossed. 

Have a great week-end!

On a funny,  not so serious note, check out my new VLOG below of my toddler providing music on my daily commute. Note this is on the way there and the way back.


Amy said...

Watch out Lady Gaga . . . Trev's TeetleToddler is in da' house!

Precious. You have a mighty fine commute.

And, good luck with those numbers. Half the battle is getting to the lab and making it happen, right?!

The DL said...

I wish you great results! My endo does all the testes right in the room, perhaps talk to them about that? They have those little 5min A1C tests to you can do yourself! Good luck!

Reyna said...

Honestly, the end of the song was hilarious. She should join my "band". I'll let her take over vocals while I man the Vietnamese Bamboo Xylophone YO!

Have a wonderful w/e Trev and I am keeping my fingers crossed for terrific lab results.

Roselady said...

Oh my gosh, this is so weird, I have a two year old who sings the same version -- and she's doing it now!