Saturday, February 26, 2011

The 40 Year Old....

"Self Portrait"
Almost got you to say the "V" word didn't I.  

Besides I have two years before the big 4-0. The title was more catchy then the 38 Year old Paper-Boy.

No, I am not on drugs, or intoxicated, or having a low blood sugar.

 Get this; I spent Friday night doing my oldest daughter's paper route and I thought of the title; "The 40 Year Old Paper-Boy" resembling the movie title "The 40 Year Old Virgin" (which is hilarious by the way)

So,  I get home from work and the majority of my family are incapacitated due to a relentless head cold.   With the exception of my 10 year old, the toddler and I,  who were healthy enough to move and function.

The first thing I notice is the bundle of newspapers, and sears catalogues awaiting to be delivered for a very cheap, borderline exploitation wage.  Friday is paper route day. So, by default the job landed with the 3 able bodied family members.

I immediately took charge of the situation. Abby, "get dressed" we are doing the route. Off we went.

I drove, with the hatch of the mini-van open, threw a Princess movie in the vans DVD player for the wee one, and we proceeded.

What does this, if anything, have to do with diabetes?  You ask...

More then you may think.  For instance, prior to the days of pumping, or MDI and even basal rates, this adventure would have been far more challenging.

Current therapies enable PWD to fit diabetes into their lives not the other way around. So instead of coming home, timing my meal to match my long acting(like in times past) I arrived, tested, grabbed a quick bite, took a shot of Rapid (I am on a Pump Vacation) and arose to the challenge and task at hand.

I guess I am grateful that we have newer technology, pumps, CGM's, awareness, knowledge, that we can do what we want when we want to, even if that means, becoming a 38 year old paper boy for the evening.

Happy Saturday!


PS: If you are wondering about my self portrait, read the post on Wego Health


Lora said...

You've gotta cut it out with the titles!!! Too funny :)

Reyna said...

Love how the fam pitched-in. I just posted on this yesterday...although I am so grateful for CGMs and pumps...I am so grateful for the "flexibility" that we are allowed through modern technology and therapies for sure.

Have a great w/e Trev!

Celine said...

When I was first diagnosed, my doctor put me on one of those insulins that peaked at set times. I had to eat my meals at those times and I had to have the exact amount if carbs or I'd go low (or high). A kind nurse suggested I ask my doctor to switch me to the new, super cool Humalog insulin. Thank goodness! Thanks to her, I got my life back :)

Michael Hoskins said...

Great story, Trev. You're absolutely right: the ability to have MDI and pumping is a great advancement that helps us just live our lives with little interruption. All hail. Thanks for sharing, and glad you got the papers delivered! Great title, by the way!