Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trev and Vic Plus Eight

"The cat - Sophie"
Okay, I know we don't have eight kids, but if you count the pets it adds up!
"Gypsy - AKA - Jip"

Besides,  having two children with the big D is kinda like having 3 extra kids, but for the record we have five great kids! One dog, one cat, and finally, chuck the bunny who happens to be the only other boy so I feel a special kinship to the little dude.

Diabetes keeps us busy but family keeps it real!

Our mornings are like the scene from "Home Alone" (Six Until Me's recent Blog Pic inspired this thought) when they are scrambling in the morning to catch the flight after sleeping in, organized chaos!

 Crazy. Don't tell anyone but we once forgot our middle child in a Chucky Cheese restaurant  while out for dinner with extended family.  We realized we were one kid short when we got onto the road. We immediately turned around, ran into the restaurant and Grace didn't even realize we'd left her there. She was having a blast.  Oops!  Moving along.....

I thought I'd share some pics of our personal team of non-D helpers in the fam! They are crucial to the health of the D's in the house.

"Da Mom"
Mom(pic)is Rowan's at home diabetes manager(Mine too), and when Rowan is at school I am the primary contact for questions, like; "Mr Wizard is telling me to bolus this, does that sound right to you" The school team is really awesome too with Rowan's care.

 I would likely be an unhealthy PWD with out this amazing, beautiful, caring, smart, open minded, supportive lady.  She is the co-founder of our crazy house full of kids!

I tend to manage Dareian's Diabetes, by reminding her to submit her Blood glucose readings in her diary every Thursday for her week-end get-a-way pass.

But in general we all work together as a team, which is essential for diabetes management.

"The Baby Goob AKA Cadee"
Now the other kids, are great too, and learning the ways of carb counting, insulin, sugar tests, and general diabetes management stuff.  The "Goob" is a little too small, so we simply keep her away from the sharps, and equipment so to speak. 

Meet the Goob, we could wipe her face with a cloth and two minutes later she is goob-ilicious, hence the name.  She keeps everyone amused, she is the busiest and most curious of the bunch, but the most huggy and free loving gal in the family.

"The Abigalian and her Bunny,
my Buddy Chuck"
Meet Abigail, another middle child.  AKA the abigalian, and happygail. She is the most creative one in the crew, and also the most abstract in her thinking.  She is the kid that would give you everything she owns, she'd make the Dahli Lama proud with her selflessness. 

"The Optimist"
Grace was mentioned above, and she is the family mediator and an eternal optimist. It could be the lousiest circumstance and she'd say "Well at least we have each other." She could fall down the stairs and get up, smile and she'd say, "At least I only fell down half the stairs!" smile and carry on.  Totally resilient.

As for Dareian well she is the natural born leader, which is handy when dealing with diabetes! She is social, athletic, and is developing quite the sense of humour. The family couldn't ask for a better eldest child.

"Dareian - The Athletic Baker"

"Rowan - The Fashionable One"
Rowan, sweet little Kid. Quiet, reserved, but the bravest kid in the house. She is the kid with her "Mr Wizard" and has Quite the taste for fashion.  She amazes me daily.  Well, really, they all do.

Well there you have it.  The most important group of people in my life. My family motivates me as a PWD to lead by example, keep healthy and manage my diabetes to the best of my ability.  They are my motivation and inspire me everyday! Thanks for letting me share.

Even though we don't have our own reality show, this is a glimpse of our reality!


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Reyna said...

Loved getting to see the "fam" Trev!!! It looks like you guys are busy as all get out!