Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What is Your Reading?

I used to work with a fellow a while back and we used to ask each other daily; so what is your meter reading?

Now before I go any further; I am not referring to the reading on a CGM or a Glucometer.  We were discussing our "Rage Meter"  Let's just say..... it was a stressful time during my last job.  We would rate our frustration level out of ten, so on days when it really sucked, my rage meter would read at about an 8, non stressful days, more like a 1-2.  He and I would chuckle and it become a constant daily check. It actually allowed us to pause, reflect, and support each other in times of fun and frustration.  This memory of the rage meter, got  me thinking about a "Health Meter" 

Health (like stress)is in a constant state of flux.  It varies from day to day, and with Diabetes, sometimes, moment to moment. So now, instead of asking where I am on the "Rage Meter"?  I ask, where am I on the "Health Meter"? 

Today, in case you are wondering, I am around a 5, which is an improvement from last week, where I was at a 3(The day before the Tooth Fairy)  Regardless of the actual number this mental activity allows me to wake up and gage where I am on the meter.  I can then reflect, think about it, and if necessary take action.

This meter is great for diabetes. I find awareness is key. If you check your "Health Meter" and you are low. Then it prompts you to ask yourself to work through the reasons and solutions and ask the "W" questions.

For diabetes:

Why is my glucose roller coasting today?
What caused it, what can I do to fix it, what are the trends, what is different today?
When did I bolus last, When should I recheck?
Where is the problem, is it diet, too much activity, too much stress?

Basically, my meter gage helps me to be self aware and turn thought into action.

Okay it's not as funny as the "Rage Meter", but useful to me nonetheless.   

I think most well controlled PWD do this daily, likely subconsciously or as a force of habit.  I encourage the new PWD to get into the habit of developing a system of being self aware, and to develop those much needed survival management skill needed for healthy management. 

As it is said, "Change is the only constant in Life"  Thought I'd sound all philosophical by quoting that.

So What is your Health Meter reading today?


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Reyna said...

Loved the quote Trev - "DEEP"

And...this is interesting advice. I haven't really gone over something like this with Joe. Maybe I'll start talking this way to help him as he grows more and more independent with "D".