Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do you Brush your Tongue?

Diabetic Dental Work, apparently it should be a priority for me.

One of my kids told me my breath smelled like "poop" the other day. Nice(sarcasm) So of course I confirmed the kids assessment with my wife, she politely said, "Yup, you stink, but so do I" Thanks honey!

It got me thinking about Dental work, and of course Gum Disease and Diabetes

Not to mention, is it just me, but the older I get I feel as though I am rotting from the inside out. Just a thought...

Kids are honest, what can I say. So I guess Monday I will call the Dental Office for a good scrubbing, remove the plaque, get the usual "You really should floss daily, blah, blah, blah....." He means well, but like, tell me something I don't already know.  I am lucky if I have time at home to use the bathroom with out one of the kids banging down the door with multiple requests, or just to hang out.  Who does that, I mean really, why hang out in the bathroom!

Oh well, to pull the theme and my rambling into something diabetes related, in case a reader does actually want some info.  Gum Disease, gingivitis (inflammation and bleeding gums) is more common in those with diabetes. Yes I know, like we don't have enough to think about. I have heard about the eyes, the feet, now the teeth.  Yup, living tissue including the gums is effected by poorly controlled Diabetes. Those run away sugar molecules are insidious little buggers!

Back to the gums.  It is super important to get the routine cleaning done by a dental professional, and to have good oral hygiene practices.  If not, gum disease and inflammation can lead to serious infections and problems elsewhere in the body. Like the heart, and general higher levels of inflammation through out the body.   Not good!

I wish I could say that the above scary paragraph is my motivator for a dental cleaning and consistent oral flossing, however, when you are told your mouth smells like "Poop" that certainly gets me fired up and ready to kick my feet up in the cool dental chair.  Bring on the drill or what ever thingy the dentist uses to file the plaque away and fix up the mouth.

Once again, kids are totally honest, but incredibly cute!


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Reyna said...

GREAT POST Trev - you are so right. I have been working on this with Joe...although, you, I hardly have time to get it done for myself.