Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sleep, Oh How I love Thee!

"What I need to avoid at work"
The title was suppose to be:  All You Need Is Love Sleep

If you read my last post, well, lets just say I am ready to go another round or two! Didn't Rocky make like 8 or 9 movies, I can't recall but it was a lot! I am steering away from seriousness to be more in favour of fun, easy, less obsessed. I want to thank you all for reading my blog, and giving me your feedback, it is moocho appreciated.

So back to the topic of sleep.

On my way to work in the cold(fridgid) winter months  I often notice people jogging or walking.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love the idea, or concept of working out, as it is good for you. But....I must identify what I find odd. 

Here are the oddities (to me anyway):

It's freezing!!! Like colder then your freezer. Like freakin cold!!!  I don't get it? If I don't have to be somewhere, like work, then leave me in my warm bed.  Now if I lived near the beach and it was sunny, then I may be inclined to get up early and exercise. But not in the dark, freezing cold Canadian Winter.

The funniest thing is the jogger with the little bags of pet doo-doo; I do thank all the pet owners for picking up the doo-doo drops.  However, I completely LMAO when I drive by and see the steam filled pouch being held my the early morning dog jogger, pinched ever so delicately with their mitted hand. Too funny!

Running on pavement?  Never understood the concept.  I know it kills my knees, and I am young. But running on cold, freezing, icy pavement, just goes contrary to the act of trying to improve one's health. To me it is a risk benefit thing. Run, wreck my knees, slip on ice, break a hip.  I say take a day off, and get some rest.

Okay. Before all you die hard runners, send the "Lynch Mob" style comments.  I do admire your discipline.  I guess to me; sleep, even on the best of days is something I find difficult to squeeze into my 24 hr day. 

Treating late evening highs, checking my little Type 1's  blood glucose through the night, or waiting for her levels to reach  safe range before hitting the pillow. Sleep is my priority.

I guess, I just think, sleep is often last on the list of important "Healthy Activities"  People work, clean, watch prime time TV, and catch the news, and more often then not, sleep is last on the list.

Not for this family.

As for physical activity.  I work out in the evening. Always have, and most likely always will. I know the early bird gets the worm, but who cares, who wants the worm anyways!

I know there are some dazzling studies about how society is getting less and less sleep compared to times past. But I will leave this blog light and fluffy today, so I can save time for some sleep. 



Wendy said...

Just found you through Reyna :)

I'm ready for bed, and it's only 3:44 pm. Hm. Hi Five, my friend...SLEEP ROCKS!

Valerie said...

I wish I slept more! Plus, things always look better and brighter after a good night's sleep. I think it is definitely low on a lot of peoples' lists, but I also think that everyone needs a different amount of sleep. Some might need 8 to function, while others only need 5. Anyway, I am definitely with you on that: sleep > running :)

Celine said...

You know I have to say something in response since I'm one of those crazy winter runners.

I love running, I love sleep. You might spot me running in temperatures much colder than your freezer but I promise you that it won't be before 8am. Truce?

Amy said...

True . . . the early bird does get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese ;)

And, those ice runners are running from something. They may not know from who or from what, but they just can't be running for fun.

Sssslllleeeeeeeeeeep (said in my best Homer Simpson drooly voice)

Meri said...

I also look in wonder at the early runners devotion. I mean in the rain? Really?

I treasure sleep...I need to make more time for it...just like exercise!

Celine said...

I'm feeling decidedly outnumbered here. I swear runners aren't crazy. It really is quite refreshing to run in the rain...and the snow...and the howling winds.

OMG! Maybe I AM nuts.

Reyna said...

OK, I (raising hand sheepishly) I will run at zero or above, NO POOH, and NOT before 9am. Does that make me any better than the runners you are speaking of? I hope so!

Great post...and glad you are "sticking with it"!