Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Miss My Nose...

"My Nose"
This will likely be my briefest post to date (No promises though)  Well I guess that's okay since yesterday's was a tad bit on the lengthy side.

You don't realize how much you need something until it's gone, or not working properly. I am referring to my nose.

The rhino is still around, more like lingering, but still interfering with my day-to-day functioning. See my post from a couple of days ago about the Rhino.

I miss having my olfactory sense, not this weepy, draining, itchy facet. I want my old nose back, cause this one really sucks!  I know I am whining.

Recovering from a common cold is something that requires "rest" ahhh, that word is wonderful, just envision a cozy foam top bed, warm inviting, absolutely the best remedy, right?

That's my dilemma, if you have gotten to know me you know my house is filled with little people, no not hobbits, but my off-spring. All 5 of them. Oh, and a dog, cat, and bunny named Chuck, see my post "Trev & Vic Plus Eight" for more details. Let's just say Trev's House-o-kids can be a hindrance to getting enough rest.

"Perhaps I shouldn't teach a toddler to Box"
For instance,  this morning I was awoken not by my alarm, but by my 3 yr. old tapping me on the forehead with her Barbie, actually tapping is an understatement.

What is the point of this post?  I guess it is how important rest is for recovery.

Diabetes and the common cold are a brutal combination, glucose control is difficult which leads to higher readings, which makes it harder to mount an immune response, making it harder to kick the Rhino out of the driver's seat (see previous post)

So in summary the equation for defeating a cold is the following:

Rest + Glucose Control + Fluids/Calories = Cold Remedy

So for me,

1.5 days off work + decent glucose readings + 4-2L Pop bottles of Diet Ginger + Lots of Turkey Soup = Feeling better

I am hoping the Rhino will drop me off tomorrow and return my nose.



Jules said...

I feel your pain re: the house of hobbits. I have 3 LP (little people) and I relate to being 'tapped' in the head with a barbie. My first son would poke me in the eyeball with a really stiff pointer finger. Hilarious after the fact but it used to wreck my day being woken like that. Get well soon xx.

Reyna said...

Joe has been fighting a cold for a week...the first few days, I could not get him out of the 200s! UGH.

Feel better soon Trev!