Friday, February 18, 2011

Devine Intervention - Mission # 2

"Our Tiny Type 1"
 As you may recall from yesterday's post, I was up at 3 am-ish and  had just finished treating myself for a ravishing low blood sugar.
As any parent  with a Type 1 kid can attest; when ever you are up at this time, you always do a random blood glucose check on your child. So, this is exactly what I did.

I proceeded to her room, entered.  Grabbed the tester, inserted the strip, picked-and-poked a finger. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and 2.8 mmol(50 in US) "Ah, crap", second mission was now totally in full effect.  I ran upstairs, grabbed another Jammer(Cool-aid), ran down to her room, cradled Rowan, gave her the Juice, and waited.....She was sleepy, but awake, I asked her, "Do you feel low?" She shook her head back and forth in the "no" direction. She felt sweaty, she wasn't shaking, and obviously, once again, did not have the same "Jolt" and Adrenaline response I had. Damn!  I thought, and proceeded to wait the 15 minutes.

I rechecked her, and she was still only 3.0, what the hell I thought, gave her another Jammer, waited, rechecked, and finally, 5.2mmol.  I thought, damn, she still can't feel her lows.

As terrible as this may sound, I want her to feel low, I want her to develop that "Fight or Flight" response, it feels absolutely awful, but it's like a smoke detector, an automatic internal alarm, that can save a type one diabetic a seizure, brain damage or worst case scenario death.

As I have said before, this is our biggest fear, us missing a low, her not waking, her dying.

This mission was successful, not from planning, but from sheer luck.

If I had not had a low, she may have slipped into a coma. Scares me, chokes me up inside. We say to each other when we catch a low, "Go save our little girl's brain"  Crazy thing is I went through my usual problem solving and could not find any contributing factor to this low. Chalked up to another "Diabetic Curve Ball"

I have to say this mission was absolutely Divine intervention. I thank god every day for her health, and her life. 



Lora said...

Justin doesn't feel his lows either... scares the shit out of me. HUGE FEAR!!!

Amy said...

I have nothing constructive to add. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how absolutely adorable this little T1 princess is!!!!!

Trev said...

Ah, Thanks, I will show her the comment.

Reyna said...

She is ADORABLE...and Joe did not feel his lows until he was like six or he is better about "catching" them...but, never in his sleep. That scares the bejeezus outta me.

Thank goodness you caught it Trev. Your house must be "crazy" busy on the night "D" train!

Shannon@ The New Normal Life said...

Its hard Joshua is so young that only 1 time has he said test test and he was low. I was hopeful this was the start to him "getting" that feeling but at only 2 Im not sure I should expect it. I have stayed up many a nights simply because I was too tired and was afraid Id miss the 3 am check.

Wendy said...

Those nights scare me. REALLY scare me. Just by luck. Maybe part of your adrenaline reaction was parental instinct as well?

I have a "side blog" where I wrote about something very similar...

God bless your sweet baby girl...and thankful for those Angels.