Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tooth Fairy at My Age - Seriously!

Okay, so the last few posts have been a wee bit on the serious side, which may have you wondering; does this guy ever lighten up?

Today I am going to lighten up, and write a post that took great pain to write. It deeply hurts me to write about this, but here goes.

Okay, spit it out, well that's exactly what I did, well, actually I ignored the tooth ache a little too long, and 2 days ago I decided it was time to make a call to the Dentist. Fun, fun, fun!

"A pretty accurate depiction of my experience,
only my dentist had pliers"
So, I made the call in the afternoon, and they said they could get me in that evening. "Great!" I said to myself, because the pain was becoming unbearable.  I was conjuring up mental images of that scene in "Cast Away" when Tom Hanks, took a rock and smashed his decayed, abscessed, tooth out of his mouth,  I was getting to that point.

So, after work, my decayed tooth and I proceeded to the local dental office.   I entered, filled out the proper health history, checking off my medical history, meds, allergies etc.  Boy I am on a lot of meds, may have to pick up a dosette next.

 Then comes out, this large, loud, gregarious type fellow (My new dentist) My first impression; "this guy seems a little too happy and obviously enjoys his profession of ripping teeth out. Needless to say I'll take happy over grumpy any day of the week.

Next I take a seat in the space ship hair-dressing like chair, and he tilts me back. like all dentists do, and starts poking around to confirm what I have reported.  "Ouch!" I blurt out as he pokes his thingy right into the hole of my decayed tooth. "Ahhh, that's the one eh, better take a quick XRAY, and get down to it!" He Says.

"There it is, my decayed tooth"
There I sat, awaiting the results and an official plan.......I started thinking, as most diabetics do, when did I bolus last, and I wonder what my sugar is?  Just then he barged into the room and said, "Yup, we can't save this one, it's gotta come out" Here I am thinking, take the *@!$#$ thing out already! After a brief discussion about the risks, out came the giant needle, and he proceeded to freeze half my head, 5 min later, this husky, overly enthusiastic masked dentist is reefing back and forth on my tooth with a pair of pliers.  Then pop! Out came the tooth.

I immediately asked if I could keep the tooth, and the dental assistant brought it to me in one of those necklace tooth holders, usually reserved for kids.

They asked me why I wanted to keep it, I said so I can tell my offspring that if they don't brush and floss this could be their tooth.  Ironically I posted a blog a few weeks ago called, Do You Brush Your Tongue? I should have called the dentist on Monday, like I said in the post.  Oh well, better late then never.

I am still waiting for the tooth fairly to give me money before the dental bill arrives in the mail!



Reyna said...

Ah...Bummer! And love the descriptive nature of your writing Trev. Some readers may gross out on this one for sure...either by your words or by the pic of your decayed tooth! LOL.

Karen said...

Yikes and ouch and ick and scary . . . . but hopefully you are now pain-free!!! (I so hate the dentist!!)