Friday, May 13, 2011

Never Let Diabetes Hold You Back!

This is my fifth Contributory Blog to a Project organized by Karen at Bitter Sweet and Friday's Topic is: The Most Awesome thing Done despite having Diabetes.

I have lived a great life and done many amazing things I am proud of.

I think for me, I have never considered diabetes as part of any decision. EVER.  

-Completed my University Degree
-Married a gorgeous woman created  five beautiful children, yes they are all ours and yes we made em.
-Trained in full contact Muay Thai boxing and received my certificate to instruct others.
-Traveled, and worked in isolated, airplane only access, communities in Northern Canada.
-I now work with others everyday who deal with Diabetes, which is fantastic!

I don't consider myself a Diabetic, I am a person living successfully with Diabetes.

It(The Big D) has never been in my mind when deciding how to conduct my life. Hopefully I can keep it this way. I hope to inspire others to do the same.



PS:  We are not having anymore off spring in case anyone was thinking this. : )


Reyna said...

Love this. That "D" hasn't been part of the decision making process in anything you have chosen to do in your life. I am hoping that Joe will be the same.

And remind me not to piss you off IRL...that full body contact karate crap scares me.

Lora said...

Wow!! Your a badass!!!

I also hope Justin doesn't give D a second thought when deciding about life. Whan an awesome way to live.