Sunday, May 1, 2011

Are We Making Things More Complicated?

"Me Looking Confused"
I have to tell you,  sometimes I think we make things more complicated then they need to be.

What am I getting at?

I am not talking about relationships.  I am referring to technology, blood glucose testing, CGM's, and the hundred new meters and pumps that battle it out for a piece of the economic pie.

I have always tried every new meter, and reverted back to the simple design.

Mentally it is taxing, for me anyways.  Let me explain a little further.

I have talked about Flip-Flopping back and forth from Pump to MDI, and insulin to insulin. But in all this Self Experimentation, it all comes down to behaving my self in the diet department.

I can achieve decent control on just about any insulin regime, with the exception of the old fashion two shot a day regime. AS LONG AS; I measure smaller amounts of carbs accurately, don't cave to the temptations of cookies and milk, and cover my fasting states with enough basal insulin.

I see so many folks (myself included) that chase numbers, or make changes to quickly, before waiting for a trend to occur. Thus creating a serious yo-yo effect in the blood glucose readings, or some rather erratic readings in general.

I have driven myself bananas in the past doing the above, only to end up back where I started.

The best A1C I ever achieved, I say achieved cause that's exactly what it is, was 6.2.  It was a result of exercise and diet. Surprisingly before the use of fancy pumps, CGM's and super computer meters. Good old fashioned injections.

Now I am an advocate for doing what ever works, and these devices have increased my and many others quality of life in other ways, like; flexible bolusing, more accurate basal profiles, and less injections, but for me it has never really improved my control.

I find we live in a world where we look for an easy solution, I've been searching for one my whole life with diabetes, but with anything you want to be successful at, it comes down to our choices, actions and work.

Devices, as complicated, neat, and effective as they appear, can work well but;  if we don't measure our carbs, pay attention to trends, plan our exercise,  our diabetes control will inevitably waver.

Just my humble take on things.



Amy said...

Awwwwww . . . I don't think you look confused in that photo! I think you look constipated ;)

I agree with K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple sweetie). More is less. Simply simple. It DOES come down to managing intake with insulin and not making knee-jerk reaqction corrections.

Meri, over at Our Diabetic Life, uses the 3 day rule. Once you change a major player, wait 3 days before making another, or reversing, change.

We have used this technique with Ellie, who is on MDI . . . no CGM . . . and it works for US.

Lovely post. Hope you get some relief from that 'look' ;)

Roselady said...

I have found, too, I have to not jump to conclusions after one day of rough numbers.

I also think all of our target numbers are best attained by not carb overdosing.

Reyna said...

Yep...totally agree. I used to be wicked impatient and a huge tweaker at the first sight of BG changes. I now abide by the three day rule...must.see.trend.for.three.days.before.tweakage.period.end.of.story.

Great post! And yeah...what Amy said..."CONSTIPATED" :)

Natalie said...

Carbs are the BIG maker or breaker for me. When I indulge, and eat too many carbs, it's HARD to get my BG down. Otherwise, my basals are good, my correction factor good, and insulin:carb ratio good. So I agree with you about diet!