Friday, May 13, 2011

10 things I hate about my Dead Pancreas

This is my Forth Contributory Blog to a Project organized by Karen at Bitter Sweet and Thursday's Topic is what the title says.

Here goes:

1.  "You're always on my mind"  just like the song.

2.  My D Kids are Now always on my mind too, I could barely handle myself.

3.  The Curve Balls, you know, where the hell did that number come from?

4.  Lows - Especially the night ones. Public ones are no fun too and the one my youngest doesn't feel!

5. Highs - the ones when you really want to eat that delicious morsel of food, BUT FREAKIN CAN'T!!!

6. Worry - Blood Work, Comlpications, will my organ function well next year, we all have our favorite organ

7. Time - I believe I wrote a whole list for this one called Top 10 list - Diabetes Time Wasters

8.  Luggage - It's like having a baby all the time(not that I mind Babies, kinda fond of them actually) but it's the "Don't forget the the diaper diabetic tote bag....just gets tiresome after a while.

9.  Dealing with Health Care System - "Doc I wanna try this"......."Just give me what I want already" or "That should be ready in about 30 minutes" Just guess what I am referring to, yes the pharmacy, really irritating when you look around and there is nobody there, like WTF! It's not like they have to count insulin vials. Like I said before, just slap a label on it and toss it in the flippin bag.  Sorry a lil ranting feels good sometimes.

10. Dealing with Insurance/cost -  Nothing like wanting to test more but thinking crap, can't afford another 85 cent strip. Or going off a treatment just because the cost will result in bankrupcy.  I don't complain too much about this lately as there are hundreds of less fortunate kids and people in impoverished countries who die due to a lack of insulin period.  That puts things in perspective.

Well there you have it!



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Reyna said...

Great list YO! I get it too...after #10, thinking of all those that cannot even get insulin...UGH. Diabetes can suck sweaty balls!