Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Diabetic Muffin Man VLOG

Well as Promised, here is my first Baking VLOG and my second installment of the Diabetic Muffin Man.

And the finished Product!




Amy said...

Well hello there, Trev! Nice to hear your voice.

Top notch production there, my friend. I thouroughly enjoyed it. Maybe even enough to make me some of those funny looking muffins ;).

I am also glad to see you crack eggs teh correct way . . . tapping on the counter and not on the edge of a bowl (splinters the egg shell). That is as far as I will go on the critique!

Enjoy those muffins . . . . although I see your little kiddos were right there ready for a sample.

Lora said...

Cookies?? Did I hear you say COOKIES??? I will tune in for sure Next Wed.

Good job on the muffins :)

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Totally loved that life was going on while you were doing this!! The kids playing in the background, the wife coming in, the 'remember to wash your hands' comment!! Loved it! :)

Sarah said...

can't wait for the 3 carb cookies. Have you found any good recipes with cocoanut flour I have a girlfriend that swears by using that flour above all else for a more even BG result with her child with diabetes, but I haven't had much luck with the recipes I've found.
Anyhow...nice to see your vlog. Fun family cooking show :)

Supplements said...

Muffins can be cooked in a different way too.