Friday, May 20, 2011

The Lifespan of a Fly - Seriously!

So as many of you know I "Flip Flop" back and forth between Pump and MDI. 

This past week I have been Pumping.  With nice even sugars to boot.

Until last evening.

Pump infusion sets are like flies they have a very short lifespan.

I head to work yesterday knowing the life expectancy is quickly diminishing as I was supposed to change prior to leaving for work.  I glanced at the site, and made the executive decision to wait until after work or lunch hour.  You'd think I'd learn already.  As I mumble to myself, I'm such a dumb ass.

The site did look OK honest, it did. But looks can be deceiving. My glucose that morning was in range, lunch high normal range, no biggy though, then pre supper was 14 mmol(multiply by 18 = 252) You'd think I'd act at this point, but noooo not I.  I bolus for the high, and head out for some groceries.

Spend the evening watching a contestant on American Idol being evicted off the stage. While I enjoy my snacks etc. 

I go to bed.  I know your thinking, this guys an idiot, he should know better. But sometimes, life just carries on and diabetes is left in the background. In any event.

I wake up with heart burn at 5 AM. I know immediately I'm high. I test and I have now entered the 25 mmol (450) range. I now come to my senses, kinda hard not to now, and yank the site. Take 10 units of rapid, and 13 Levemir, down 2 large glasses of water, let the puppy out to take a leak, and hopefully a poop, and go back to bed.

I woke up feeling like I'd been run over by a truck.  I ask myself WHY do you not do what you tell others to do. 

I equate the day after feeling as a kinda diabetic hang-over, tired, upset tummy, headachey, dehydrated.

AND like any hangover, I say I won't do that again.  Until next time that is. 

I have to remember that Pump Infusion Sets have the Life Expectancy of a Tiny Fly.




Valerie said...

So true...we say we won't do that ever again, but ya know it's going to happen! We're human, afterall. :)

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Life has a tendency to cloud your D judgement sometimes!
Bean's pod beeped at her yesterday at school and we were both convinced it was totally wrong that it was reminding her it needed to be changed! But, it wasn't wrong (of course!) and thankfully it goes 8 hours past 'expiration' and we didn't have to change it at school.
Hope your 'hang over' is better and maybe the lesson sinks in a bit more so it's not so bad next time!! ;)

The DL said...

We all do this. I keep thinking I'll never make the same mistakes, but I do. More often than not my mistakes are at night. When I'm sleepy and half awake or half asleep...

Amy said...

Hangover? But, did you have fun the night before? Doesn't seem fair you feel so bad when you didn't even do any table dancing the night before ;)

Hope your weekend is smooooother.

Wendy said...

Hope things are much better now :) This happened to us the other night. It took me WAY too long to decide to just change the set and start fresh.


Yuck :(

Reyna said...

Great analogy. Once they go, you are hosed.

Bummer about the hangover and don't beat yourself up too much Trev. It is hard to be "on" all the time.

Have a great weekend.