Friday, May 27, 2011

Shocking News - Embarrassed Teen

"Note Pink Shirt Standing to the Left,
She is Not impressed"
 I knew it would happen, but nothing ever really prepares you for what I am about to share.

Last night my oldest daughter Dareian had a Soccer game. During the game she started out with a bang, scored a goal, ran like a cheetah, and totally kicked ass. But I noticed her slowing down closer to half time.

As any concerned Improvising Pancreatic Substitute would do, I ran up to their huddle, and said to the coach, "Can I borrow her?"

She was immediately unimpressed.  She slid away from the group and completely shunned me, her dad, I was hurt, then I whispered to the coach, and awkwardly added, "She has Type 1 Diabetes (like he didn't already know) and we need to test her sugar"  He nodded in agreement.

I then jogged back to my area of refuge, wanting to crawl under a rock. Feeling completely rejected, and confused, to unintentionally embarrass her was different then my purposeful attempts of past.

On reflection, I new the time had come, where she was now transitioning into a self conscious, or overly conscious teen, who unfortunately tend to be hyper aware of their social surroundings. A VERY SAD DAY

10 minutes later, once all attention was back on the game, she jogs over and allows me to test her. She was high, which happens with these adrenaline pumping games.  I gave her some water, and told her she was doing really great out on the field!  She patted me on the shoulder, and ran back to finish the game.

My baby is getting all growed up.



Wendy said...


I keep hearing rumors that these things happen...not sure how to prepare my heart for them.

When she was a baby it seemed like an eternity before she would start school. Now she's headed to second grade. I'm sure I'll blink and it'll be time for high school.

Where does the time go?

The DL said...

As a PWD I know how it can be really bothersome when someone asks me or tells me I should test. I feel like I can handle it. I will say though, sometimes I don't think all of my symptoms are diabetes related so it's nice to have a reminder. I know you are just trying to be a great mom, but maybe try to encourage her in private to check during the game instead of talking to her coach? It's amazing how you caught that high before she did :)

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Ugh...they grow up?!? ;)
Letting them be independent is hard enough without D being in the mix.
Time, please slow down, just a bit!!

Reyna said...

Ah...sounds like a blast!? NOT! And, yes, I suppose "bitter~sweet". I already see a little Tween-Tude from Bridge. I can hardly wait for Joe's.

Love to you and the fam Trev. I hope you have a great w/e.

Jonah said...

Why isn't she testing herself?

Jules said...

oh crikey... i hold my sons soft fat little baby hands and really want him to grow up - but simultaneously dont want him to grow up.

Trev said...

Hey guys, thanks for all the comments and encouragement mucho appreciated. As for the query Jules she does test but im learning lately she doesn't like to in front of others, which blows me away cause I'm very candid and open in front of others, always have been. Strange isn't the apple suppose to fall close to the tree?