Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pump Bumps?

"Our Rowan"
Now it's time to talk about my Youngest Super Star Rowan.

You know it is time for a change when your wee one's Triceps(the muscle on the backside of your upper arm - which I suspect most readers already know) start to look like a bodybuilders.  Okay I am exaggerating ever so slightly, but she has been developing some "Bumps from Her Pump" or if you prefer a more technical term she has some early Lipohypertrophy going on.

What the heck is Lipohypertrophy.  It's a fancy way of  saying enlarged  fatty tissue. The issue with this is; if it's ignored it turns into permanent scar tissue.

The only way to get rid of the swelling or enlargement is to completely avoid using the site. Which is easier said then done, especially in a child where fat real-estate is minimal.

But this is what we needed to do.  So off with Mr Wizard, again. On to MDI. Only this time I have done something a bit different. And I do believe I am onto something. And yes I've taken the DOC commenter's advise to heart and I am waiting 3 days to analyse the trends. Thank-you all for the comments!  It is really awesome having so much experience to draw on. Mucho helpful!

Back to Rowan.

We have ended up with a Regime of three different insulins:

AM- NPH 7.5 and Novorapid 2
Lunch - Nothing - Which she is pleased with
Dinner - Novorapid - 2.5
Bed - 0.5 of Levemir.

The first week or so was a lot of testing, but last night she went to bed at 6.8 mmol (124) at 3 AM, god it suck to be up at that aweful hour, she was 6.5 mmol (117) and, drum roll please.........

She was 6.9 mmol. Now as all parents and fellow PWD can attest, it's these successes that make you feel good. Like, I have figured out how to keep her sugars well and also heal up her tiny "Bumpy" arms.

This comment from Rowan also makes it worth while

As she was sitting up on the kitchen counter chatting up a storm watching me prepare breakfast this morning she said "Dad, I'm happy my pumps not on cause when I lean over, it sometimes pinches, and you know, its kinda heavy" 

I also note some decreased swelling in her Tri's. 

What a cutey.

If you're curious about her day readings, they are improved as well. Only draw back is we have to abide by the insulin's schedule. Snack-times, meal times, etc.  But it's worth it.



Roselady said...

You're going from pump to mdi; we're on the verge of mdi to take the advantages of whichever one works best for the moment, I guess. Glad to hear things are working for her.

Sarah said...

Trev-we may be joining you for the summer, we have such a struggle with in and out of water with the pump and ups and downs. Darn it actually EVERYTHING seems to be causing a roller coaster with him. I'm a bit frustrated, can you tell, up at 2:45 due to a rebound high darn it darn it darn it!
So, I may be asking for MDI advice soon.

Amy said...

That girl has some GUNS!!!! I am going to stay away from her fists of furry ;)

Good to know the alternatives. We are juast about to start our journey with pumping and I love that I have all this information (thanks to great people like you) to recall when we need it most.

Don't tell the rest of the gang, but I think Rowan is the MOST cute out of the cute bunch. :)

Michael Hoskins said...

Rowan is a champ and star, indeed! You must be a very proud dad!

On a sidenote, about your question regarding my past pump known as Scarface: Check out

Best your way, Trev! Thanks for the comments at the Corner Booth, and of course for sharing the great perspective over here!