Saturday, May 28, 2011

Time to Recruit My Team

"There's No I in Team"
My Life is a Whole Lot of Diabetes.  Almost Too Much. 

As my regular readers are aware, I Treat Myself, 2 Children, and Also assist hundreds of patients with their diabetes.

I try my best to assist everyone in the above scenario, but I waver to admit, I am doing a piss poor job with my own diabetes.  I do okay, but I'm frankly in desperate need for an objective opinion on my diabetes. 

As luck would have it, I work with a Nurse, who is also a CDE(certified diabetes educator) who works part-time with my old Endo and her under grad degree prior to nursing was nutrition. Cool, eh?!  So I was complaining about diabetes, and the type one support deficiencies in the system(my opinion of course) and after some discussion she offered to take a look at my trends.

I thought for a brief second, and said "that would be great".  Not only would this take the pressure off me a little, but I would be accountable to give my numbers to a respected colleague weekly to review.

I then thought, I need to take advantage of what I tell others to take advantage of.  Like pump courses, even though I do know a lot, but I have never formally taken the pump training, I just read and digest, and do, so to speak. 

I am also going to ask my family doctor for a re-referral to my Endo.

The neat thing is, my new team will allow me to be helped as a patient, which is a little weird for me, but is likely what I need to feel better, supported, and in better control of my diabetes.

How important is your Diabetes Team or Endo to you or your loved one with diabetes?



Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Very cool. Having another set of eyes to look at those numbers is such a great thing.
Our NP and CDE are extremely important and I am so thankful to have them because they really treat me as part of the team. We talk through changes and decide together about making them.

Reyna said...

WOW, that is such a relief Trev AND a bonus. You must feel "burnt out" on "D" way more than the average Joe...due to your diagnosis, your children's diagnosis, AND your flippin job! I never thought of this for you. You are a ROCK STAR...I hope you find your colleages advice helpful and stress relieving.

Have a great weekend.

Sarah said...

Bravo to you Trev for aknowledging the help you need and being willing to accept it when offered. I think for us, as parents, the endo team has been tremendously helpful in our care of Isaac. However, my husband could care less about his relationship with the team at his endo clinic, he's had the same doc for almost 15 yrs (minus a few while in TX), I met the guy and he's very knowledgable but now approachable about changing things...we'll see how all goes when my husband starts pumping. Great topic, keep us posted on how things go.

Jonah said...

My endo and GP are often willing to take a full hour for my appointments. My endo is on call 24/7 for me. They are my cheering team.

But I don't really ask them to do data analysis. I know how to do my own damn data analysis. My CDE at diagnosis and for about two months following helped me to figure out how to do that, and my endo did too, when I was new. I no longer have a CDE. The endo sometimes gives me a broader perspective on possibilities and on what helps other people, and at my most recent visit, he advocated the use of the mini-glucagon, which I had been waffling about. So now I'm actually carrying the glucagon around with me again and am prepared to use it although so far I haven't. So now I don't keep treating those lows that haven't responded because of my slow digestion- I get out the glucagon and wait.

I sometimes could really use some incentive though. It helps when somebody offers to look at my numbers because then I have to put the numbers together- it doesn't really help that they actually look at them. So it kind of helped me when I participated in a study where I was asked to do really complete, no rounding, logs for a week.

Reyna said...

I never thought about how liberating it might be to have someone else look at your numbers Trev. You are in a unique situation for sure!!!