Monday, March 14, 2011

Case of the Missing Diabetic Test Strips

Call in the crime scene investigators, or the drug sniffing dogs because we have 3 strips for 3 diabetics for 24 hours.  No pharmacy is open what do you do.....?   I know I always sound so dramatic!  But seriously.  Last night this was the predicament we were in. 

First we search the crime scene.......nothing.  Nothing in the pockets, purses, backpacks, under beds, pillows, bed side tables, NOTHING. 

Next, we narrow down our suspect list.  Me, since I continually revisit the crime scene, Dareian, who is notorious for loosing all types of diabetes devices, pens, insulin, etc, then sweet little Rowan. 

It can't possibly be me, or is it?  I rechecked the backpack and work bag.  I even checked my "Man Cave" nothing, what the hell.  I can always find a spare. 

Next, Rowan.  "Honey do you have any strips in your backpack or down in your room"  She replies. "No"  "Did you maybe forget some at school?" a quick, "No"  I say "Crap what are we going to do with 3 strips until Monday morning" Thinking, normal people wouldn't have to think of this crap....then I took a breath, used my latest Jedi Mind Tricks to calm my emotions. 

Next suspect.  "Dareian, do you have any idea how we went through 300 strips in 7 days, and please tell me you have some stashed somewhere in your room, bags, or clothes"  "I think I have a couple of containers in my locker at school"  I say....after taking a deep breath(thought=mood=behavior) "You think!, you do realise that we have 3 strips for the next 24 hours"  "Sorry dad, I forgot to bring them home" 

I proceeded to vent to my wife.  "Well what do we do?"  The answer was obvious.

Crime scene was evaluated, the suspect identified, but we still had no strips.

We saved them for the one who can't feel her lows.  So, that's what we did.

Needless to say I wasn't too happy not knowing what our glucose was for 15 hours.  Ironically when I tested at work, my sugar was 5.8 mmol, imagine that.  We all survived and we will hold the sentencing hearing tonight after dinner for the convicted.


Time to ration


Reyna said...

OMGoodness Trev - that is awful. Seems like you made a sound decision and I hope you will go easy on the defendant.

Valerie said...

Ahh, that sounds stressful! I'm glad everything worked out okay.

Jules said...

OMG! Always a very real possibility, and a scary predicament. Glad you all got through it ok!

Lora said...

Seriously... I'm just kidding.

I know it was not a fun time, but at least you can read this later and laugh about it.

Karen G said...

Ugh, how scary. Even three test strips for 24 hours for ONE person with diabetes doesn't seem like enough. I'm glad it all worked out okay though.