Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What is Your Locus of Control?

"Not the topic I'm referring to"
No I am not referring to "Locusts" from biblical times. 

But what the heck is "Locus of Control?"

I suppose a definition is in order:

Defined by the American Heritage Stedman's Medical Dictionary:

"A theoretical construct designed to assess a person's perceived control over his or her own behavior. The classification internal locus indicates that the person feels in control of events; external locus indicates that others are perceived to have that control."

Normally having a healthy internal locus of control is equated to successfully managing a chronic disease like diabetes. You take responsibility for your management, it is the "if its meant be its up to me mentality".

"This is the Locus I'm talking about"

Not sure if I am qualified at this current time to be discussing this, but I have made it successfully with out complications for 28 and 1/2 years.  That has to count for something. 

Anyway, if you believe you are in control of your diabetes management then your more likely to successfully manage it. If you believe that your control is solely based on your teams instructions, and external influences then your control will likely falter. When you feel out of control, and lose that internal drive or locus of control diabetes control slips. Case in point, see my post from Diabetes Mind Game, Momentary Lapse of Reason and it is obvious what happens when that internal control is lost.

In a nutshell, having a solid "Internal Locus of Control" is a major key to long term success in managing any chronic disease process.


PS:  I recently got a new mirror, need to be refurbished.


Val said...

Hmm... "The Locusts of Control" - good name for a rock band. Maybe the arch-rivals of Blunt Lancet?

Jules said...

I had to laugh at your locust picture! Just what I needed this morning after a hard night battling a hypo that wouldnt come up, only to realise ds's levemir runs out early AM and now we got a stinking 19.7 :( :( :(

Trev said...

Great name for a Rock Band! Unfortunately for me I have zero musical talent. Like zippo. Later, and thanks for the comments.

Reyna said...

So true...and I hope the mirror becomes refurbished soon Trev.