Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top 10 List: Diabetic Thoughts about Sugar Levels

"What's Your Sugar?"
Something a PWD always has their mind, that is Glucose Levels.

1. Wonder what my sugar is?

2. Is this ache or thingy diabetes related, because my sugar's been high?

3.  Am I hungry or is my sugar low?

4.  I am so tired, must be my sugar.

5.  Wonder if I should eat that(cake, pie, donut) what's my sugar?

6.  Am I thirsty or is it my sugar high?

7.  Gee I have to pee again, whats my sugar?

8.  Gee can't seem to get it working(use your imagination) must be my sugar

9.  10 more reps, wonder what my sugar is?

10.  Am I cranky or is it my sugar?

I know there are many more so feel free to comment.




Reyna said...

Just watched Joe perform in a concert...and the whole time...I am wondering "what is his sugar?" - LOL

Celine said...

How about the mildly panicked "The Diabetes Centre nurse is going to check my sugar. Damn! What's my sugar?"

Jules said...

THATS HILARIOUS. seriously my baby screams/falls over/lays down to rest - i p a n i c ! quick, whats his sugar!

Sarah said...

It is a constant isn't it?!