Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Interview with a Vampire - Dareian

"Common Site"
She feels like a vampire always drawing blood.  

Here is her interview:

Trev: How did you feel when you found out you had developed Diabetes?

Dareian:  I felt scared of what would happen in the future. I felt like I was now part of the family group of diabetics. I felt like I could handle it. I learned in the second week to take my own injections.  I felt like people would think I was weird, when actually nobody really noticed.

Trev:  How do you feel now about diabetes?

Dareian:  I feel like I need to handle a little better. Like, the novelty has worn off.  I am more slack now, but still do what needs to be done to control my sugars.

Trev:  What are you good at?

Dareian:  I am not good at measuring carbs and that sort of crap---oops can I say that. But I am great at staying active in sports and always take my insulin.

Trev:  How important are your friends in managing your diabetes?

Dareian:  I have one good diabetic watch dog.  She reminds me to check my sugar, take my insulin, watch my diet, and is notorious for asking, "what's your sugar?"  She feels bad and will not eat food when my sugar is high. She is a great friend!

Trev:  What is the most irritating thing about diabetes?

Dareian:  Not being able to have what other people have, spontaneously. But this doesn't really stop me.  I hate the feeling that my sugar is raising and damage is being done like when trapped in class once, I forgot to take insulin, and wanting to be discreet I waited until the class ended.  I just wanna be like everyone else.

Trev: Do you feel diabetes holds you back?

Dareian:  Nope. I do soccer, track, sleep overs, and have learned to eat and do what you through changing your insulin and eating habits.

Trev: What would you tell a newly diagnosed diabetic?

Dareian:  You can still be the same person, and do what you like to with diabetes. You can accomplish anything with diabetes!

Thank-you Dareian, for the great info.

Your Welcome Dad, now you have to help me with my history assignment tomorrow.



Reyna said...

I love her friend!!! It is so nice to know that there are thoughtful non-d teens that would be so caring of their buddies.

Great interview. I loved hearing what I think we all know...people just want to feel "normal" and accepted.

Good to see a post from you Trev!

Gerry S. said...

Great Idea for a post! and of course she can say crap, :)

Jonah said...

You know why diabetics have immunity from vampires?


They don't want cavities!

Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

GREAT post!

I hope Sugar Boy ends up with a friend like she has! :)

Michael Hoskins said...

Great interview, Trev! Thank you so much for sharing, both of you. Also love the D-watchdog friend, which is awesome to have those people in our lives. Hope the history assignment went well...