Friday, March 11, 2011

Shoveling a Driveway in a Snow Storm

"Obviously Enthused About Snow"
This is what it's like raising children.  Totally, 2 steps forward 4 steps back.  Well at least from my perspective. 

We arrive home from hour 9 work day.  Enter our humble abode to trip over backpacks, 5 pairs of shoes, 10 mittens, jackets, and other paraphernalia.  Deep breath, count to ten.  Ironically the hall entrance is equipped with at least 30 hooks, and shoe shelves, but these are completely underutilized.  I proceed to boot the shoes and other items out of my way in order to get into the entrance and shut the door.

The kids slowly surface from different areas of the house, all saying their various individual greetings.  "Hi Dad, hey dad, how was your day dad?" and the like.  My teen is situated in the TV room, engulfed in a music video, surrounded buy a number of used dishes.  The dog comes booting around the corner, wanting me to acknowledge her existence.  I say, "Hey Guys"  and then the delegation ensues.

Something like this: 

"Dareian, turn the TV off and collect the dishes, and tidy up", while I think in my head, "crap what a bunch of slobs"

"Grace, you and Rowan tidy up the front entrance, and please try to hang up your coats when you get home next time"

"Abby!, Abby!, Dareian where's Abby?"   Abby makes herself scarce and hides as she has clued into the fact that when a parent arrives home, work awaits. Dareian replies in her un enthused teenage way, "Upstairs?"  Abby comes barreling down the stairs, "Ya Dad!"  I delagate the kitchen and dishes, and off she goes.

"Rowan Enjoying the Snow"
I let the dog out, and while everyone is going about there assigned chores, the yougest one, aka the "Goob" is dumping out the entire basket of clean clothes upstairs, and applying makeup to her barbies. Usually around the time I chime in and ask all the kids where the goob is.  "Don't know, I think she's upstairs"  I immediatly know she is into something becasue it is errily quiet. Sure enough, I discover the above scenerio.

Then I think to my self, raising kids and cleaning house is like "Shoveling a Drive Way in a Snow Storm"

But I love each and every one of them.



Meri said...

I hear ya. My 13 year old had a chair in the corner of his room, that you can't see by looking in the doorway. One must walk completely inside the room to see him there. So he happily sits there durning the "key" moments of the day, reading his books, when he knows cleaning is on my mind.

I'm on to him though. :)

Reyna said...

This one warmed my heart Trev. Your home sounds like a happy and warm one for sure!

Sarah said...

we say "herding cats" around here...just trying to keep them together and focused...ha, what a joke, right? But at least they're darn cute while you're trying!