Monday, March 28, 2011

Diabetic Family Vacation!

Me and Rowan, eagerly awaiting our A1Cs
To the Endo`s Office.

All three of us went to the Endocrinologist today for a 3 month check up. Well the appointments were for the kids but who`s counting.  They did my A1C too.

Scary, I know!  I haven`t been a good PWD as of late, too much snacking, not enough shaking!

I was prepared to get into some trouble as I knew the last 2 months have been, well a little on the crazy side.

My wife is now working full time(started 6 weeks ago)and I know we haven't recorded enough data to analyse trends. My agenda for this visit; get a Rx for apidra for our pumps, and for Dareians MDI regime.

We brought the Watchdog along for the ride. First stop reception, check-in, then wait. (Only 10 min) For the record, they were Helpers.

Next we meet with the Dr(Endo)We discuss Rowans diabetes, and decide to tweak her Breakfast Pump Ratios to give her more insulin to cover her breakfast.  Physical exam, good, she is growing. Discussed hypo unawareness, and still waiting for her to grow out of it.

Next up Dareian, one word record keeping. Record keeping and more record keeping. Dareian forgot her logbook in the Van so I jotted down her numbers on a pad for the Dr to make an effort to analyse. Crazy numbers. Lows, highs, rebounds, even some in the 30's(multiply by 18 for USA) crazy and I had no idea, as I would ask her and she'd say her sugars are good. So we decided; it's time to starts doing daily records to assess her sugar trends, food, activity etc. Physical exam done, some skin questions, referral to a dermatologist, and onto the next team member.

The dietitian. She asked the usual questions about carb intake, ensuring we are feeding them an adequate amount of nutrients and calories for growth and development. I liked this portion, as we all got our A1C results, something tangible. I was not surprised at the deteriorated A1C results as we'd all jumped up a full percentage point. Literally like stepping stones

Me - 8
         Rowan - 9
                       Dareian - 10

I expected an increase but not a full percentage point.  Crappy, we need to focus as a family and get it together people!

Then we met with the Social Worker, each had a chance to vent. Rowan about how she wanted to leave and get something to eat. Dareian about goals, and improved record keeping. Me, about no coverage, debt, and
my small break with reality a few weeks ago where I hit rock bottom.

Now the Nurse, "Any questions?" I responded "Nope, pretty much covered everything, just need the Rx" She gave us some Apidra, and we closed the loop at the reception desk by re booking in 3 months.

All and all a decent visit but I know we have some goals to set and improvement to display to these folks in three months or I am going to feel like I am going to visit the principal or an angry coach at half time if we don`t get our crap together.  

During the apt I'm all ready, gung ho,"fired up" Mr Motivated, now I am back at home wondering from what energy source I am going to draw from to improve all of our A1Cs. I already feel tapped out, the well
hath run dry(trying to sound wise, I know it isn`t working, oh well)

We shall see. I have a meeting with the Chief Operating Officer today, we'll write up a group plan and hopefully bring those A1Cs down a couple of percentage points for each of us.

I will definitely keep you all posted, in well, 3 months. 



Jules said...

i absolutely understand the 'unknown energy source' and the 'tapped out already'. yep its tough and you do it x3. good work, keep it up!

Lora said...

That is cool that you meet with a social worker during your appt. We have to do that stuff completly seperate.

You will get everything back in order. We are ALL entitled to "hit the rock" now and again.

Reyna said...

Loved that they A1Cs looked like stepping stones. It sounds like you have a great plan in place. Good luck!


We have been Pumping the Pidra for a couple of months. I think I am a fan. Gonna post on it this week sometime.

Shirley-Anne Parsons said...

Good luck Trev .... I've found (after 25 years) the secret to reducing your A1c is always having that goal forefront in your brain ... hard to do with everything else going on (like parenting, life etc) ... but consistency (in terms of T1 management) always produces results ... but with T1 there is ALWAYS down's along with the up's .... thank you so much for posting this and I'll cross my fingers that your you and your girls get the results you want next time.

Natalie said...

Join the "not perfect" club! I'm glad you're doing better emotionally -- I was worried about you for a while there!

Just curious why Dareian isn't/doesn't want to be on the pump.

Trev said...

Thanks for all your encouraging comments, the plan is in effect. Mental health is coming around! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I have two boys ages 16 and 20 that are diabetic. Just back from the endo also with A1C of 8. Always have the great feeling that we are going to be more diligent and get the A1C down next time, and then life happens and three months have passed before we can turn around.